Memorandum 142

April 25, 2002



Members Present:          Sean Anderson, Curtis Anderson, John Bennion, Alok Bhushan, Phil Blick, Steve Byers, Deb Easterly (presiding), Subbaram Naidu, Pamela Park, Kris Robinson, Rosemary Smith, Beth Stamm, Dennis Stowe, Jane Strickland, Doug Wells, Brian Williams, Carmen Harris for Dan Wolfley


Members Absent/Excused:       Larry Ford, Frank Harmon, Dianne Horrocks, Edwin House, Richard Inouye, Terry Livingston, Skip Lohse, Keith Weber, Paul Zelus


Deb Easterly declared a quorum was present.  


I.                  It was MSC (9y,0n) to approve Memorandum #141 with the following corrections:


Under reports, item II.A., change the first sentence to “Dr. Bennion reported that the committee met on March 4.”  Change the first sentence in item II.C. to read “Dr. Anderson reported that research and travel proposals are due April 1 and awards will be made April 16.”    Change the first sentence in item II.F. to read “ Ms. Horrocks reported that Dr. Ford, Dr. House, and Dr. Lawson met with the Congressional staff regarding ISU’s federal initiatives.”  


II.       A.     Faculty Research Committee – Dr. Bennion reported that the committee met on April 1 to select the Distinguished Researcher.  Seventeen proposals with requests totaling $67,879 were received.  Twelve of those were first-time proposals.  The committee met last Monday to review the proposals and will meet again next Monday to further discuss them and make awards. 


B.     Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee – No report.


C.     Undergraduate Research Committee – Dr. Anderson reported that the symposium received about 39 posters with about 59 authors.  The committee funded six research proposals and one travel proposal, totaling around $10,300.  Three proposals were not funded.  Dr. Anderson reported that the quality of the proposals has continually increased over the last three years.


D.     Humanities/Social Sciences Research Committee – Call will go out in May and again in September; proposals will be due in November.


E.      University Research Committee – This committee traditionally has an $80,000 budget, but with the budget cut of 10%, the budget for FY03 will be $72,000.   Ten proposals have been received.  All are for major equipment purchases except one.  The committee will meet May 3 to make awards.




F.      Federal Relations - Deb Easterly reported that there are no new developments.  The proposals for FY03 have been launched and administration is working with the legislators to get the funding secured.  Dr. Beth Stamm has been working hard to get continuation of her funding.  Dr. Frank Harmon has not received his funding yet but it has been promised.


G.     Deb Easterly informed the Council that there is a new research facility—the Bioanalytical Research Facility.  This is a university-wide facility which houses the mass spectrometer in the Pharmacy building.  Dr. Adeboye Adejare is the director, Matt May is the technician in charge of the equipment.  There will be a fee structure for this facility developed soon.


H.     Other – Dr. Curtis Anderson asked if the UgRC funds would be reduced next year.  Ms. Easterly said the information would be forthcoming at the next meeting.  There were no other reports.


II.                 Council Business


A.     Dr. Curtis Anderson presented a handout requesting research center status for a new center “Center for Motion Analysis and Biomechanics.”  This evolved because several faculty realized others were working on motion analysis and biomechanics related to health issues and believed a center would be a good starting point for comparative ideas and collaborative efforts.  This would also enable various faculty members to use equipment in another’s lab.  The hope is that this will evolve into a biomechanics program, probably at the graduate level.  In the near future, the goal is to integrate courses and seminars for graduate and undergraduate students.  Space currently being used by a bioengineering group may be available for this Center.  It was MSC (13y, 0n) to approve the Center for Motion Analysis and Biomechanics as a Level I research center.


B.     RTSEF Proposals – A proposal was received from Dr. Rosemary Smith for this competition and two proposals were received in the FRC competition requesting release time for research—one from Dr. J. B. Owens and one from Dr. Laura Woodworth-Ney.  Dr. Woodworth-Ney also added an addendum to her proposal to make a better fit under the RTSEF competition.  It was MSC (12y, 0n) to recommend funding for all three proposals to the Academic Vice President.


C.     It was MSC (13y, 0n) to approve the following addition to the Undergraduate Research Committee Guidelines for the Preparation of Proposals and Responsibilities of Grant Recipients, page 12, Outline for Research Award Proposal – change number 12 to read number 13-Budget Page and Justification, and create a new line for number 12 “Source of Matching Funds or In-kind Contributions.”


D.     Other – No other council business was conducted.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:40 p.m.