Memorandum 138

November 15, 2001


Members Present: Sean Anderson, Alok Bhushan, Phil Blick, Deb Easterly, Nancy Griffin for Kay Flowers, Larry Ford, Edwin House (presiding), Terry Livingston,  Rosemary Smith, Beth Stamm, Dennis Stowe, Jane Strickland, Doug Wells, Dan Wolfley


Members Absent/Excused: Curtis Anderson, John Bennion, Jonathan Blotter, Steve Byers, Frank Harmon, Dianne Horrocks, Richard Inouye, Skip Lohse, Subbaram Naidu, Pamela Park, Kris Robinson, Keith Weber, Paul Zelus


Dr. Edwin House declared a quorum was present.  


 I.      It was MSC (8y,0n) to approve Memorandum #137 with the following corrections:  change Committee to Council, change possibility to probability




A.     Faculty Research Committee – Dr. Bennion, FRC Chair, was on travel but submitted a report to Dr. House which was read to the Council.  Sixteen proposals were received and one was disqualified because it was received after the deadline and for not being properly endorsed by the dean of the college.  The remaining fifteen proposals requested a total of $50,715.79.  eight of these proposals were previous recipients of FRC awards.  The first meeting will take place November 30.  The FRC will also address amending the bylaws and proposal guidelines to reflect the increase in the maximum grant award to $5,000.


B.     Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee – Terry Livingston  reported that the  committee met on October 26 and recommended 18 applicants receive ASISU scholarships.  The committee received 35 research grant proposals and 2 dissemination proposals for consideration.  Each committee members received a packet containing copies of these proposals to review for discussion at the next meeting, which is scheduled for November 26.  Final decisions on awards will be made December 7.


C.     Undergraduate Research Committee – Dr. Anderson, Chair, was unable to attend.  Dr. House reported that the Undergraduate Research Committee met last Tuesday but details on the meeting will be deferred until the next Council meeting.


D.     Humanities/Social Sciences Research Committee – Dr. House reported that this committee will meet on November 26 to review proposals.  This committee has a total of $90,000 to award and five proposals have been received.  If the committee does not award all the funds, a second call will be put out in the spring.


E.      University Research Committee – Dr. House reported that this committee only meets in the spring so there is nothing to report currently.


F.       Dr. Ford gave an update on the federal relations.  He reported that President Bush signed the energy and water bill.  There is approximately $3 million currently earmarked for ISU and Dr. House reported that ISU will be probably receive $2-$3 million.


There were no other reports.




A.   Dr. House encouraged members to nominate colleagues for the Distinguished Researcher award.  The deadline for nominations is November 28.   Eight nominations were received last year and all were well qualified.


B.   The changes in the various research committee guidelines to reflect the Faculty Research Committee’s increase to $5,000 for the maximum award was deferred until the individual research committees are able to vote.


C.   At the last Council meeting, the Evaluation of Research Faculty was remanded back to the subcommittee to incorporate suggestions.  Discussion continued during this meeting and the decision was to have the subcommittee rework this document and have the Council review it at the next meeting.


D.  WISER – Request for Research Center status – deferred until a presentation by the Director can be made to the Council.




The meeting was adjourned at 3:55 p.m.