Memorandum 134

March 29, 2001

Members Present: Barbara Adamcik, Tracy Becker, Jonathan Blotter, Steve Byers, Chris Daniels, Karl DeJesus, Deb Easterly, Kay Flowers, Dianne Horrocks, Edwin House (presiding), Mary Flint for Skip Lohse, Pamela Park, Barbara Cunningham for Beth Stamm, Dave Coffland for Jane Strickland, Kandy Turley-Ames, Doug Wells, Dan Wolfley

Members Absent/Excused: Sean Anderson, Phil Blick, Will Hamlin, Frank Harmon, Richard Inouye, Dave Kleist, Subbaram Naidu, Keith Weber, Paul Zelus

Dr. Edwin House declared a quorum was present.

I. It was MSC (11y, 0n) to approve Memorandum #133 with a typographical change of it=s to its.


A. Faculty Research Committee - The committee has chosen the five finalists for the Distinguished Researcher Award who were honored at the annual banquet held March 27. The final selection for the Distinguished Researcher will be held Monday, April 2, when the committee meets. A Call for Proposals has been sent out.

B. Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee - The next meeting is scheduled for tomorrow to award the ASISU Scholarships and distribute research proposals for review.

C. Undergraduate Research Committee - March 30 is the deadline for the presentations for the Undergraduate Research Symposium which will be held April 19. Research proposals are due April 2. An update on the awarding of funds will be reported at the next RCC meeting.

D. Humanities/Social Sciences Research Committee - All funds were awarded to proposals in the Fall. No business has been conducted this semester. A first Call for Proposals will be going out in April with a reminder going out at the first of the Fall semester.

E. University Research Committee - The Call for Proposals has been sent out and will be reviewed and awarded at a meeting in late April and early May, if needed.

F. Federal Initiatives - Dr. House reported on and passed a booklet around that was put together after working with the lobbyist group. The projects requested added up to between $22-$25 million. Last year $14 million was requested and approximately $3.5 million was received. There was a better response by the campus to the Call for Proposals this year. Dr. House encouraged people at the University to submit proposals.

G. Distinguished Researcher Process - The selection process for the outstanding researchers went very well and five candidates were selected. They are Leonid Hanin, Mathematics; Richard Inouye, Biological Sciences; Kenneth Rodnick, Biological Sciences; Jack Owens, History; and Susan Swetnam, English. The FRC will vote on the Distinguished Researcher on April 2.


A. Regarding consideration of AFamily Medicine Clinical Research Center@ for Level 2 research center designation, this level allows a unit to use the term AResearch Center@ in the title and makes the unit eligible for additional resources. This Level 2 designation has support from Dean Hatzenbuehler and Dean Wells. A unit is not required to have Level 1 designation to be eligible for Level 2. Level 1 is for use of the term AResearch Center@ only. The Family Medicine Clinic seeks Level 2 designation because that will open the door to additional resources. The Office of Research is obligated to obtain $50,000.00 in funding for a Level 2 designation. It does not have this obligation for Level 1 centers. A representative was unable to attend the meeting to answer questions about this request. It was MSC (11y,0n) to table the request until a representative can come before the Council.

B. Intellectual Property - Dr. House referred to the draft proposed for a new state-wide Intellectual Property (IP) Policy. He explained that the State Board of Education was moving many of its Arules@ to policies and the IP policy was one of them. Since they were making this change, the SBOE created a committee of representatives from all of the Idaho colleges and universities along with SBOE staff to rewrite the policy. Dr. House discussed the draft of the proposed new policy and its implications. Several suggestions from the RCC were made to address concerns of the Council. Dr. House asked for additional changes that could be given to Kay Flowers or him before April 10.

C. Evaluation of Research Faculty Guidelines - Dr. House went before the Faculty Senate to discuss of the changes to the Research Faculty Guidelines. The guidelines were approved, but the Faculty Senate made some additional changes. Dr. House explained the changes made by the Faculty Senate to the RCC. The guidelines will now go to the Deans= Council for further discussion.

D. Natural Heritage Proposal - Stefan Sommer appeared before the Council to explain the Natural Heritage Project and a request a Level 1 designation as a Center. The Natural Heritage Project is the result of a large National Science Foundation (NSF) grant and is now in its third year. All products created for this project are in the development stage or have been distributed. The products will be evaluated and the results will help informal science education. It is hoped that this project will receive further funding from NSF. Another possible funding source is the U.S. Department of Agriculture. A film has been put together by Emmy award-winning Paul Bockhorst and is narrated by Merlin Olsen. A multimedia specialist, Bill Mitchell, has developed an interactive CD of a nature hike showing various habitats that will be viewed on a kiosk. It encompasses rural and Intermountain Idaho and targets middle school students but can be geared for any age. It was MSC (11y,0n) to approve the Natural Heritage Project as a Level 1 Research Center.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:25 p.m.