Memorandum 133

February 22, 2001

Members Present: Sean Anderson, Tracy Becker, Phil Blick, Jonathan Blotter, Steve Byers, Karl DeJesus, Deb Easterly, Kay Flowers, Will Hamlin, Dianne Horrocks (presiding), Dave Kleist, Mary Flint for Skip Lohse, Pamela Park, Beth Stamm, Al Strickland for Jane Strickland, Doug Wells

Members Absent/Excused: Barbara Adamcik, Chris Daniels, Frank Harmon, Edwin House, Richard Inouye, Subbaram Naidu, Kandy Turley-Ames, Keith Weber, Dan Wolfley, Paul Zelus

Dianne Horrocks declared a quorum was present. She introduced Tracy Becker as the new Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee representative, Al Strickland who was sitting in for Jane Strickland, and Mary Flint from the Museum who will be sitting in for Skip Lohse for the rest of the semester.

I. It was MSC (10y, 0n) to approve Memorandum #132.


A. Will Hamlin reported that the Faculty Research Committee is in the process of selecting the Distinguished Researcher. The next meeting is on March 2 to select the five outstanding researchers. The Call for Proposals is out with a April 9 deadline.

B. Tracy Becker reported that the Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee met on February 2 to set up the schedule of meetings for spring semester and elected Tracy as the representative to the Research Coordinating Council.

C. Karl DeJesus reported that the Undergraduate Research Committee will be holding their symposium on April 19. April 2 is the deadline for proposals for research and travel funds from this committee. He asked Council members to encourage those within their jurisdiction to apply.

D. Ms. Horrocks reported that the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Committee has completed its work for the year. The first Call for Proposals with a deadline of November 2001 will go out at the end of the semester so that faculty can work on these proposals over the summer.

E. Ms. Horrocks reported that the Call for Proposals from the University Research Committee is out with a March 30, 2001 deadline.

F. Ms. Horrocks reported that there have not been any changes in the Federal Initiatives since last meeting.

G. Ms. Horrocks reported that there are eight candidates for the Distinguished Researcher award.

H. The State Board of Education is reviewing intellectual property policies for all institutions in the State. Dr. House shared a draft he had been given with the Patent Committee. This Committee made several suggestions which Dr. House and Kay Flowers took to a meeting in Boise. Since the Board is recommending substantial changes, it is appropriate to put our deliberations regarding our policy on hold until the Board finalizes their recommendations. ISU=s Patent and Copyright Committee consists of six membersBDianne Horrocks (chair), John Knox, Larry Ford, Paul Cox, Alok Bhushan and Larry Smith. Ms. Horrocks said they are trying to give as much flexibility to the individual as possible. Kay Flowers said the input of the Committee is still needed.

I. None.


A. Dianne Horrocks, Deb Easterly and Dave Harris are continuing to work on training procedures for the Responsible Conduct of Research at ISU. They believe the University of Minnesota currently has the best plan in place and this can be viewed on the UM website. However, it was reported that the DHHS, Office of Research Integrity (ORI) has recently released additional information for universities regarding instruction in the Responsible Conduct of Research. AOn February 5, 2001, ORI received a congressional inquiry raising concerns about the >PHS Policy on Instruction in the Responsible Conduct of Research= that was announced on December 1, 2000. In its response, ORI announced that the policy would be suspended while it was under review, pending completion of that review, institutions that might otherwise be subject to the RCR policy are under no obligation to implement the policy unless further public notice is issued in the Federal Register.@ The Sponsored Programs Office will continue to monitor developments while working on training for ISU.

B. It was recommended that the Faculty Senate be asked to list specifically their concerns and intent regarding the Evaluation of Research Faculty so the Research Coordinating Council could best address them. This item was tabled.

C. Regarding copyright, at least two units on campus had the same reactionBAIf the University owns it, faculty won=t even apply for the grant.@

D. It was MSC (11y, 0n) to approve the latest recommendation for Indirect Costs Funds for the Library. There was a question as to what committee will make the decisions. Ms. Horrocks said she thought the University Library Committee had been designated to do this, but she would double check past minutes to be sure.


F. None.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45 p.m.