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General Information

New NWCCU "Substantive Change" Policy and Fee Schedule for proposed program changes

Current Information

Academic Dishonesty Board and Scholastic Appeals Board

Faculty interested in serving on the Academic Dishonesty and/or Scholastic Appeals Boards should contact their Faculty Senate representatives.  These two boards convene on an ad-hoc basis when needed.  More details about both Boards can be found in the following documents:

Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Plan 2015:

Faculty volunteers are needed to serve on each of the six IEAC subcommittes mentioned above. Please send nominations of interested faculty members to your Faculty Senators or to the Faculty Senate Office (fsenate@isu.edu) for consideration by the Senate during their Monday, September 14, 2015 meeting.

Activity Insight: faculty feedback requested

The Office of Institutional Research recently made changes to streamline and simplify the use of Activity Insight, and is soliciting feedback from faculty on the usefulness of those changes. Constructive and honest feedback regarding strengths and weaknesses of the system will help guide future improvements. Please send responses to Lorie Chatfield at chatlori@isu.edu or ext. 3762.


Proposed Policies and Procedures (ISUPPs) under 30-day Review period:

The Office of General Counsel sends relevant proposed ISU Policies and Procedures (ISUPP) directly to faculty and staff for a 30-day comment period. Asa a part of this process, faculty and staff are encouraged to revview and respond to the draft policies, and the Office of General Counsel provides a mechanism for direct faculty feedback.

To increase transparency and community discussion of issues that arise from these policies, faculty are also encouraged to send their comments to Faculty Senate for confidential compilation and forwarding. In order to send comments, revisions, and reviews of ISUPPs to Faculty Senate, you may either (1) contact your Faculty Senator (see list found here) or (2) send your comments directly to the Faculty Senate Office (fsenate@isu.edu). Faculty comments on ISUPPs sent to Faculty Senate will be combined and synthesized during regularly scheduled Faculty Senate meetings, before forwarding to the Office of General Counsel and other relevant administrative assemblies, such as the Council of Deans or President's Cabinet.

Please be sure to send ISUPP comments to Faculty Senate at least 10 days before the end of the 30-day comment period.



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