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Information & Current Issues

Your comments, suggestions, concerns and feedback on issues are always welcome! Contact your Senators and/or email fsenate@isu.edu and let us know what you think is important for us to consider.


Documents for Faculty Consideration:

There are no documents or policies to be considered at this time.

General Faculty Information

STATE SENATE BILL #1254 (GUN BILL) to allow concealed weapons on campus is currently under consideration by the Idaho State Legislature. Faculty Senate discussed the efficacy of passing a resolution regarding this bill, but decided against doing so for several reasons. First, at that time Faculty Senators did not feel they had enough information from their constituents to publicly speak on behalf of all ISU faculty. Second, and more importantly, they felt State Legislators would be more responsive to the input received from masses of individual constituents relaying their reactions than to another single entity's resolution claiming to represent said masses. In light of the recent vote by a State Senate committee (7-2) to advance the Bill to the Senate floor for a vote despite the stated opposition from both the State Board of Education and the united voices of all the university Presidents, this concern was well founded. Therefore, the Faculty Senate encourages all faculty members at ISU and its sister institutions to contact their State Legislators directly to voice their opinions and concerns about State Senate Bill #1254. Also, please contact the Faculty Senate co-chairs Sarah and Linwood, or your Faculty Senate representative, or email the Faculty Senate office at fsenate@isu.edu to register your views on this issue.

EMERITI FACULTY Nominations are due Feb. 21, 2014. Submit nomination packets to Academic Affairs.


New statewide General Education Skill Competency and Knowledge Objective Guidelines and Rubrics have been developed by six SBOE task forces comprised of faculty members from all eight Idaho higher ed insititutions. The SBOE is due to finalize and approve these guidelines in mid-April. All higher ed institutions are required to ensure their Gen Ed courses and programs conform to these new statewide guidelines. SBOE has mandated these changes take effect in the 2015-16 catalog. The ISU Gen Ed Requirements Committee (GERC) has been tasked this Spring with reviewing the current Gen Ed Objectives and Rubrics against the new guidelines and to assess which Gen Ed courses are in compliance, and which will need new proposals submitted by early fall in order to meet the catalog deadline.


In a similar vein, the SBOE is revamping remedial education in Idaho. Some pilot programs are currently under way. More information about this will be forthcoming as it becomes available.


Undergraduate Curriculum Council (UCC) is working on ways to streamline the curriculum proposal process to cut down the amount of incomplete and uncoordinated proposals which slow the approval process and create extra work for all those involved in reviewing, approving and entering proposed course and curriculum changes.

ISU is looking for ways to expand the ISU Ombuds Office structure and make it more inclusive.

Faculty Senate Meeting information

All Faculty Senate meetings will be held at 4:00 p.m. in the Faculty Senate Conference Room, REND 301 with videoconference connections to Meridian Conference Room 653 and Bennion Conference Room in Idaho Falls, unless otherwise noted.

Meeting Schedule, Spring 2014:

Reminder: Faculty Senate meetings are open meetings, and all faculty, regardless of rank or appointment, have a standing invitation and are welcome to attend at any time. Occasionally the Senate may go into Executive Session to discuss such things as Emeriti nominations or Honorary Degree nominations. Such Executive Sessions are open only to elected Senators.



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