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The Cultural Events Committee invites all Idaho State University Faculty, full-time and adjunct, to apply for either a Mini-Grant or Large Grant. Multiple applications from within a given department for different events will be considered. However, only one application from an individual will be funded within an academic year.

Specific deadlines, requirements and application forms for each grant are printed below. Incomplete applications will be returned.

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Mini-Grant Program

The Idaho State University Cultural Events Committee has allocated money to be awarded as Mini-Grants. The Mini-Grant program is designed to help academic departments and colleges bring to campus speakers, artists, and special programs in areas important and relevant to the interests of the University community. The intention of this program is to provide cost-share money; if possible, fifty percent or more of the cost should be provided by the individual department or college, and priority will be given to proposals with substantial cost-sharing. The maximum amount of any one Mini-Grant is $500.

Mini-Grant deadline for FY2012-2013: .

Mini-Grant Application Form

Mini-Grants Awarded FY2008-09
Mini-Grants Awarded FY2009-10
Mini-Grants Awarded FY2010-11
Mini-Grants Awarded FY2011-12

W-9 Form
Direct Pay Form

Large Grant Program

The Cultural Events Committee has funds available to be awarded for large grants. The Large Grant Program is designed to help departments and colleges bring to campus speakers, artists, and special programs in areas important and relevant to the interests of the university community. The amount of each grant varies according to the specific needs of the events. These grants are distributed throughout the year but before the end of the fiscal year, and to the extent of the allocated budget, which varies from year to year. Whereas cost-sharing is not required, it is encouraged whenever possible. All events must be either free and open to the public, or, if admission is charged, the Cultural Events Committee will request a portion of the proceeds proportionate to the amount funded. If the Committee funds 50% or more of the costs of an event, it would receive 50% of the profits. If the Committee funds less than 50% of the costs, then it would receive the equivalent percentage of the profits (e.g, if 30% of the costs, then 30% of the profits).

Applications and final reports for a Cultural Events Committee Large Grant should be submitted to the Chair of the Committee, consisting of the Large Grant Cover Form and the following documents paper-clipped to the form (please note that the following requirements are duplicated on the cover form):

A. Your request should include a hundred-word description of the project and its relevance to the university, community and to the mission of this Council.

B. The following additional information:

C. A detailed budget showing itemized expenses, amounts paid by cost-sharing funds, and the total amount requested from the Cultural Events Committee.

D. Final reports are only required for Large Grant applications. Reports must be submitted to the Chair of the Committee no later than one month after the event has taken place. Your final report should include the following:

Grant Proposal Deadlines for FY2012-2013 (applicant advised to check on availability of funds):

Large Grant Cover Form
W-9 Form
Direct Pay Form

Approved by Cultural Affairs Council: December 3, 2008
Accepted by Faculty Senate: March 2, 2009

Large Grants Awarded FY2008-09
Large Grants Awarded FY2009-10
Large Grants Awarded FY2010-11
Large Grants Awarded FY2011-12

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