Cultural Affairs Council



September 15, 2006

Fine Arts Bldg. Room 308


Present: Freudenthal, Kloetzel, Kovacs (Chair), Manopoulos, and Ray

Absent: Bhushan (excused), Herrman, Richards, and Woodworth-Ney (excused)


I.                    Approval of August 25, 2006 minutes

Action: moved by Freudenthal and seconded by Kloetzel to approve the CAC minutes of August 25, 2006.  Passed unanimously.


II.                 Senate/Executive Committee/Executive Council

Kovacs explained that the Faculty Senate Executive Council was put in place for communication among the above councils.  It is possible to use the Executive Council for purposes of obtaining charges to Cultural Affairs Council. 


III.               Mini-grants 2006-2007 –

Jennifer Attebery received a mini-grant to fund Elliott Oring’s Lecture on September 7, 2006 “How legends are True” as part of the annual Idaho Yesterdays lectures. 


IV.              Steven Barclay – Elizabeth Kolbert/Robert Hass/ Terry Tempest Williams –

Kolbert is available on Thursday, March 1, 2007 to speak on global warming in the Bistline Theatre.  

Action:  It was moved and seconded to book Elizabeth Kolbert as the main speaker for 2006-2007.  Passed unanimously. 


V.                 Louie Warren –

He has accepted and will settle on a date soon. 


VI.              Brian Norman – Norman requested assistance in funding to bring two celebrated Black women writers to ISU: Nalo Hopkinson and Colleen J. McElroy. 

Action:  It was moved and seconded to fund Nalo Hopkinson at this time with the idea the council will consider Colleen J. McElroy if money allows.  Passed unanimously. 


VII.            Dance Companies – Kloetzel stated there are many dance events already booked for this year; it may be better for the council to wait until next September to bring a dance company in.  She will contact the company Doug Varone and Dancers. 


VIII.         Kevin Marsh – Michael Pollan as a speaker – The council decided Michael Pollan would be perfect for the ISU Reading Project.  Freudenthal will contact Bonnie Frantz. 


IX.              Steven Lawyer – Michael Shermer as a speaker – Shermer is available on April 19, 2007.  The council will look into more information on Shermer and decide if they will sponsor him at the next meeting.


X.                 New Business

A.     It was discussed that the council members look into the Salt Lake City venues to see who might be available to piggy-back and come to ISU during that same time. 

B.     Ray will bring in some information on a folk, jazz performer from Alabama. 


XI.              Adjourn: 4:00 pm – Next meeting – Friday – November 3, 2006 at 3:00 p.m.



































Approved by CAC:  November 3, 2006

Approved by Faculty Senate:  December 1, 2006