Cultural Affairs

January 20, 2006

Present: Rudy Kovacs (Chair), Laura Woodworth-Ney, Melanie Kloetzel, David Adler, Beverly Ray, Alok Bhushan, Kristin Calley

Absent: Leo J. Herrman, Lowell Richards

I.                    Presidential Conference (April 2006)

                        Committee voted to fund up to $2,000 for the conference’s key note                             speaker.  The proposed speaker is Tom Cronin.  However, if unavailable,                               Adler will work to find another nationally known scholar.  Conference                              funding will come from student organizations. 

                        Adler: Motion to Approve

                        Ray: Second

                        Vote: 6-0

II.                 Academic Year 2006-2007 Proposed topics

A.     Kloetzel: Dance

     1)  Deborah Hay Performance Group (Dance)

     2)  Joe Good (Dance)

Adler: Move to authorize Melanie to continue exploring the possibility of one or both coming to ISU. 

Group agreement noted

B.     Bhushan (Pharmacy)

     1)  Dr Lad, Ayurvedic Medicine

     2)  Warren Senders, Classical Indian Musician

Alok will continue to explore possibilities for both proposed presenters. 

III.               Possible Spring 2006 presenters

A.     Adler: Louis Fisher, noted constitutional scholar, will be in the region.  May be possible to bring him in this spring. 

B.     Kloetzel:

      1)   Cypress String Quartet, San Francisco.  Will explore whether they

            are available this semester

       2)  John Florida, Musician, Missoula, MT.  Will explore whether he is

            available to come to ISU this semester. 

Next meeting: February 24, 2006.  time 1-2 pm.  Room: TBA

Approved by CAC: February 17, 2006; Approved by Faculty Senate: February 27, 2006