Cultural Affairs Council


Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Attendance: Rudy Kovacs (Chair), David Adler, Dante Cantrill, Nandita Das, Beverly Ray, Jenny Semenza.

Excused: Leo J. Herrmann, Bonnie Frantz, Kristin Calley, Lowell Richards

I.                    Announcements

·        No announcements

II.         Speakers and Artists

·        On April 6, 2004, the Brown sisters spoke on “Brown vs. Board of Education.”  The presentation received great attendance.  The College of Education hosted the reception following the presentation.

II.         Mini Grants – 2004-2005:

·        The Cultural Affairs Council received six applications for the Academic Year 2004-2005.


MSC to approve four proposals and award $500.00 for each.  The four proposals were:

·    Kristin Fletcher: Idaho Museum of Natural History - "Idaho's Rivers and Their Natural History" by award winning author and conservationist Tim Palmer

·    Jennifer Eastman Attebery, Director of American Studies - "At the Crossroads of Religion and Identity: Fort Hall and the Ghost Dance Movements" by Dr. Smoak

·    Nicole R. Hill - Department of Counseling - "Promoting Muticultural Competence; Our Role As Advocates In Counseling" by Don C. Locke

·    Bonnie Frantz - The Human Rights Committee - An evening lecture on her book, Mole People - by Jennifer Toth

MSC to not fund the following proposals:

·    Mary M. Whitaker: Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders & Education of the Deaf - "Working With Interpreters to Serve Bilingual Children & Their Families" by Henriette Langdon

·    Sonia Martinez  - Art Show by Guricio Mora.  The application did not qualify because the proposal was for the current application semester.

Kristin H. Calley, Secretary

Rudy Kovacs, Chair