Cultural Affairs Council


Friday, December 5, 2003

Attendance: Rudy Kovacs (Chair), David Adler, Dante Cantrill, Kristin Calley (Secretary), Beverly Ray, Lowell Richards, Nandita Das, Jenny Semenza

Excused: Leo J. Herrmann

I.                    Introductions of New Members:  Lowell Richards, Director of Pond Student Union

II.                 Approval of Minutes:

·        Members approved minutes and all minutes have been forwarded to Faculty Senate.

III.               Mini Grants:

·        Cultural Affairs council was not acknowledged as a financial contributor for the keynote speaker during the Idaho Conference on Health Care.

·        The speaker Linda Hill was bringing to campus, Lisa Tiger, was unable to keep her speaking engagement. Linda will see about rescheduling the speaker.

·        Lisa Zotarelle is no longer at the University.  Therefore, the $500.00 she was awarded will be available for use.

·        Mini grant applications forms were distributed to members for review.  Rudy will check at the Econolodge for prices.  Lowell Richards will honor the $33.00 rate for rooms at the Student Union.

·        Mini grant deadline is April 5, 2004

IV.              Ideas for Speakers and Artists

·        Dante Cantrill suggested bringing in Terry Gross, the radio host of “Fresh Air.”

·        Dante also suggested Sarah Vowell, oral essayist and radio speaker from “This American Life.” Dante will contact Sarah Vowell to establish speaking dates.

·        Beverly Ray suggested the Brown sisters, to speak on  “Brown vs. Board of Education” during Black History Month in February. 

·        Also suggested was Dr. Steven Vogel from Duke University.  Curt Anderson knows him and would be willing to write a letter to see if his honorarium is negotiable.

V.        Meeting Times:

·        Friday’s @ 2:00 p.m. tentatively.  Meetings will be scheduled as needed.

VI.              Action Items:

·     Nominations for Committee Chair:  MSC for Rudy to serve as Chair for a second term.

·     MSC for Nandita Das to serve a second term on the Council.

Kristin H. Calley, Secretary

Rudy Kovacs, Chair