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ISU Faculty Senate

Councils and Committees

University Councils

Undergraduate Curriculum Council: The Curriculum Council is responsible for ensuring the quality and appropriateness of undergraduate courses and undergraduate degree programs offered by Idaho State University. All proposals for the addition of or changes in undergraduate courses and undergraduate degree programs must be approved by the Curriculum Council.

Research Council: The Research Council is responsible for recommending University policy and procedures in the areas of  University and faculty research projects; coordination of research bureaus, centers, and institutes; and enhancement of University research capabilities.

Graduate Council: The Graduate Council is the policy making body for the Graduate School. The Council approves all courses offered for graduate credit and curricula for graduate degrees; approves regulations and requirements for the graduate programs; receives and acts upon all petitions for waiving of regulations of the graduate program; approves the nominations to examining committees concerning candidates; approves requests by departments for assignment of non-Graduate Faculty to Graduate Faculty responsibilities including examining committees and the teaching of any courses which carry graduate credit.

Staff Council: The Staff Council is an organization at Idaho State University representing all Classified and Non-classified employees, independent of other organizations. As representatives elected by staff employees, Staff Council represents staff interests at ISU and is the voice for staff when called on. Staff Council remains committed to working together with the administration, faculty and students for the betterment of Idaho State University.

Associated Students of Idaho State University (ASISU): ASISU is a student association committed to providing effective student participation and representation in all areas of student affairs, that we may, participate in the improvement of educational programs, co-curricular activities, and services, and to advance the common interests and concerns of the student body.

Internal Grant Committees

Cultural Events Committee (new iteration of the former Cultural Affairs Council, now under the auspices of the College of Arts & Letters)

Humanities/Social Sciences Research Committee (HSSRC)

University Research Committee (URC)

University Committees and Boards

Student Affairs-related Committees:

  • Academic Dishonesty Board (convened when needed)
  • Admission Appeals Committee -- Matt Kroeger, Dir. Admissions & Recruitment, xt.
  • Re-admission Appeals Committee -- JoAnn Hertz, Dir. Central Academic Advising, xt. 4601
  • [Student] Retention Committee
  • Scholastic Appeals Board (convened when needed)

College Executive Committees or Contact Information:

College of Arts & Letters Executive Committee
College of Business
College of Education
College of Science & Engineering
Division of Health Sciences Executive Council
College of Technology Faculty Council

Former Faculty Senate Councils (Archival Info)

Academic Standards Council
Budget Council
Campus Planning Council
Council for Teaching & Learning
Cultural Affairs Council
Faculty Professional Policies Council
Faculty Senate Advisory Council

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