January 28, 1999 Faculty Senate Conf Room
4:00 p.m. Red Hill Building


A.  Attendance: Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Kimberly Carter-Cram, Darin Dehle, Scott Evans, Brenda Malepeai, Ernie Naftzger, Denise Clement (for Sandy Mitchell), Matthew Romriell, Anna Weskerna
A. ACTION: Motioned and carried that minutes of December 3, 1998, be approved.

B. Organization Banners: Darin Dehle stated he has received some banner design samples (showed samples). He suggested to have four background colors to choose from to make it more dynamic, with the organization design and name on the banner, and possibly use black and orange as borders. One sample he preferred in particular had one or two banners per pole, anchored at both top and bottom, and banners would be double-sided. He said he would have more information at the next meeting. Darrell Buffaloe commented Mike Willets distributed letters to campus organizations regarding the banners. He said he has received numerous calls from organizations asking about the banners. Darrell suggested having only the organization name on the banner to cut costs and because some organizations do not have designs.

C. Change of Bylaws: Scott Evans stated he reviewed the Faculty Handbook and Bylaws and is not sure if the motion to change the bylaws as stated at the last meeting would hold a lot of weight. He commented if the Speakers and Artists Committee were taken away from Campus Planning, then who would they report to? The purpose of the proposed change was to streamline the purpose of the planning committee. He suggested to streamline the title, but keep the same purpose. Paula Jull, Chair of Speakers and Artists Committee, commented the Speakers and Artists Committee needs an avenue to the Faculty Senate through the Campus Planning Council and they don't feel they impede the Planning Council. Brenda Malepeai suggested the Speakers and Artists Committee send their minutes to Campus Planning Council and have someone from Speakers and Artists attend the Planning meetings at some point. She suggested to leave the current arrangement as is. Ernie Naftzger commented the process seems to have been working for some time, so there is no need to change it. Darrell Buffaloe commented the Speakers and Artists Committee should remain a part of the Campus Planning and Cultural Affairs Council as they are a part of planning and the Planning Council can help them in getting space and scheduling needed for events.

ACTION: Motion to change the bylaws by changing the title and purpose of the Campus Planning and Cultural Affairs Council (as stated at last meeting) was defeated.


A.  Capital Projects: Scott Campbell outlined current projects in progress and commented he planned to publish them in the "New & Notes." Darin Dehle discussed six major projects for this year: 1. Physical Science Renovation - In the final design stage with estimated project completion date of December 2000. 2. Performing Arts Center - Exterior design of building has been approved; working on more fund raising and venue details. 3. Replacement of Davis Fieldhouse - Final design has been approved; will bid project in April; completion in August. Scott Campbell commented the Big Sky has stated that once this facility is complete it will be one of the best soccer fields available. 4. Exterior repair of Frazier Hall - Project will repair cracks and deterioration of exterior walls. 5. A new elevator to be installed at South Graveley. 6. Elevator is to be replaced at the Student Union Building this summer. Darrell Buffaloe commented the elevator may need to be shut down from May to completion in about August. Will need to put out notices ahead of time. The Student Health Center Building will be all Student Health as Family Medicine is moving to the new Health Building.

Scott Campbell listed other site projects:

1. Bartz Field
2. Davis Field
3. Cadet Field
4. Plant Sciences
5. Alvin Ricken Drive
6. Buckskin area
7. Bike Path Grants
8. Bike parking areas around campus
9. Bike Paths on lower campus
10. Campus map
11. Outdoor recreation study
12. History Walk with memorabilia displays and boulder from each county; have presented a proposal to the county commissioners and they are taking the proposal to the State. Plan to unify the campus through banners, boulders, history walk and tree walk.
13. Life Safety: Shuttle system upgrade

Lighting upgrade
Bus shelters
Life safety walkways

B.  Campus Signage: Scott Campbell stated we have been working on proposals for better campus signage for over two years. Need to identify locations and signs to help get people around campus. He said he is also working on various campus outside furniture proposals, such as receptacles. He commented he can present one or two projects in much more detail at any meeting if anyone would like him to.

C.  Darrell Buffaloe commented the current gazebo park located between the Dental Clinic and East Hall is proposed to be resurrected as Albion Park by Dick Sagness at the centennial celebration.


A. Next meeting scheduled for 4:00 p.m., Thursday, February 25, 1999, Snake River Room - Student Union

Meeting adjourned at 5:02 p.m.

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