January 27, 2000 Physical Plant Office
4:00 p.m. Building #18

Attendance: Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Darin Dehle, Scott Evans, Brenda Malepeai, Sandy Mitchell, Ernie Naftzger, Ken Prolo, Anna Weskerna

Excused: Traci Bliss, Kimberly Carter-Cram, Carol Stenson


A. Welcome: Welcome by Scott Evans, Chair.

B. Announcements: None

C. Approval of December 9, 1999 Minutes: ACTION: Motion to approve minutes as written. Seconded. Motion carried.

A. Meeting Schedule: Evans stated we need to keep the meetings on schedule. Next meeting will be Thursday, February 24, at 4:00 p.m. in the M & O trailer. The committee agreed to tentatively set the fourth Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. as the meeting time.

B.  Capital Project Review: Report by Architect Darin Dehle.

1.  Davis Fieldhouse: The substantial completion was last week. Will probably let persons begin walking through the facility next week. Includes weight lifting room, offices, locker/shower facility, concession stand, training room and whirlpool. Facility to be mainly used for track and soccer teams.

2.  Physical Science Building Remodel/Addition: Asbestos abatement has been completed. Project is progressing well and still on schedule. May add a Phase III to the project which will extend the opening of the building to summer 2001.

3.  Idaho Falls Student Union Building: Project is progressing well. Scheduled to open about mid-summer, but may have a Phase II that will extend the opening date.

4.  ISU Student Union Elevator: Bid was completed last week. The project should begin April 1 with completion scheduled for August 2000. It will include a clock tower at the top of the elevator.

5.  We are hiring a consultant to develop a master plan of the Idaho Falls Higher Education Center area to handle future expansion.

6.  Painting of Frazier Hall: Tried to trim plants around the building to allow for painting of the building, but it did not work. Due to life safety issues, the plants had to be removed. Currently working on a landscape plan to include vegetation in a more formal type of setting around the building.

7.  There is a long list of other projects, but not enough time to discuss them at this meeting.

C.  Master Plan Review: Report by Director of Facilities Planning Scott Campbell. Campbell provided a power-point presentation of the campus master plan. Discussed the campus boundaries and areas within the campus; access points and circulation both by vehicles and pedestrians; and future development sites and programs.
1.  Discussion of a proposed rendezvous and mall facility to be located in the Cadet Field area that would include housing areas, student areas, eateries, etc. with pedestrian and shuttle service. Project would take two years to design and two years to construct. We have asked for funding to begin planning of the facility.

2.  Lower campus area: Working on the history walk, second century walk, ceremonial flag area, clock tower, Davis Fieldhouse, and redesigning the campus entrances (gateways) with better landscaped areas.

3.  Upper campus area: Includes a football field, new alumni center, and future buildings and additions.

4.  South campus area: Includes new sports fields, the Performing Arts Center, future athletic complex, and other future building sites.

5.  Recreation area development sites to include frisbee areas, nature trails, nature classroom, etc.

6.  Discussion of campus circulation plan with proposed roadways around campus.



A. Next meeting scheduled for 4:00 p.m., Thursday, February 24, 2000 Physical Plant Trailer (behind the Maintenance & Operations Bldg #18).

Meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

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