October 22, 1997
Clearwater Room
Student Union Building, 4:00 p.m.


A.  Attendance: Bobbie Hyde, Ernie Naftzger, Scott
                            Evans, Darrell Buffaloe, Dona Bell.
            Absent:    Bob Pearce
            Guest:      Scott Campbell, Jana Sparks, Rick Williams

III.  New Business

A. Sidewalk Decoration

Jana Sparks proposed that the sidewalk that runs through the middle of the quad be available for student organizations to decorate.  She felt that this would be a way for the organizations to advertise and the appointed areas would be updated and repainted yearly due to wear and tear.  The designs would be approved prior to them being painted on the walk areas.  Council members felt that the paint could cause a safety concern because where paint is put on concrete it becomes much slicker than the regular sidewalk.  If a sand base were used in the paint the paint would wear even faster.  It was also felt that the high traffic patterns would wear certain sections much faster than other areas, thus the painting would look shoddy more often than it would look nice. other options were presented relating to banners and sewer lid customization.  The Council asked that Jana take these concerns and ideas back for further discussion with her group.  She was also encouraged to contact David Lowry, who presented the banner idea last year to the Council, and combine their efforts.  Jana was asked to attend the next meeting to update the Council on what she is able to find out.
B. Tree Dedication

Rick Williams proposed that the Council allow a tree, that would be in memory of his deceased mother, be planted in the Frazier Hall area.  This tree would be unique and could be included in the present tree walk brochure.  Rick would like to see the tree have a plaque similiar to the other tree walk trees and also make mention of in memory of his mother on the plaque.  The Council requested that Darrell, Rick and Scott have a follow-up meeting to decide what would be appropriate if this were to be approved by Darrell.  Scott or Darrell will report at the next meeting the outcome.  If things can be arranged, Rick would like the tree planting to be the first weekend in November.

IV.  NEXT MEETING The next meeting was tentatively scheduled for November 19, 1997, in the Snake River Room.

Meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:                                     Approved by:
Dona Bell                                                                Bobbie Hyde