October 15, 1998                                                                                           Snake River Room
 4:00 p.m.                                                                                                       Student Union Bldg


A.     Attendance: Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Scott Evans, Karen Hayward, Kathleen Lane, Sandy Mitchell, Ernie Naftzger, Robert Pearce, Anna Weskerna, Mike Willits   Excused: Brenda Malepeai

B.     Introduction of attendees

II.    OLD BUSINESS A.     Organization Banners: Darrell Buffaloe stated this committee and the Faculty Senate approved the banners a few years ago and two were put up, but there was no follow-through, and it was presented again with little interest. He said the President's Council has asked this committee to review the idea again to see if they are still in favor of the banners. Mike Willits commented the Greeks are extremely interested in the banners now and willing to put forth money on them. The purpose is to get more interest interested in fraternities, sororities and other campus groups as it enhances the campus activities and builds campus spirit as well as helps to beautify the campus. Concern was expressed for the number and location of banners and how it will be progress in the future. Kathleen Lane commented the banners should not be limited to just fraternities and sororities. Robert Pearce suggested the number of banners be limited with possibly an annual lottery program determining who would get to post a banner. The Student Senate could possibly manage the banner and lottery program. It was agreed there would definitely need to be guidelines and requirements on the kinds of banners and locations. Darrell commented the banners could only be placed on light poles and not buildings, which will limit the number of banners. He suggested the light poles at Holt Arena, 8th Street, Quad, and Red Hill. Willits suggested beginning with the quad and Greeks as a pilot program. The committee agreed to still support the campus banner program. Pearce suggested Buffaloe and Willits present the request and guidelines at the President's Staff meeting. III.    NEW BUSINESS A.     Campus Traffic Flow Proposal:  Scott Campbell presented an alternative to the University's campus traffic flow proposal, which he commented was originally prepared at the request of the Bannock Planning Organization. The BPO is preparing a "consensus plan" which is composed of recommendations that are similar in each of the proposals submitted by a university committee, a city committee and a committee of university area resident's to be presented to the City Council. There seems to be an interest in keeping all traffic around the perimeter of the campus.
In the University's proposal the north boundary would be Clark Street and Buckskin Road. The east boundary would be 19th Street and American Road; the south boundary would be Barton Road, and the western boundary would be Fourth and Fifth Streets. The proposal includes the construction of a new arterial road accomplished by extending East Humbolt Street over the hill and between Schubert Heights and McIntosh Manor to Bartz Way.  In the future an I-15 overpass connecting with Alvin Ricken Drive would help move traffic away from campus. It was noted getting traffic to and from the new Performing Arts Center would be a necessity as well as a benefit to the residents of Ridge Crest, Schubert and McIntosh. The proposal would also be a benefit to the community by reducing traffic. Darrell commented the proposal would make it easier to close MLK with the development of the new Red Hill road. Scott stated that he thinks there are three alternative recommendations: (1) do nothing; (2) develop the perimeter routes; and (3) develop the new east-west route using the proposed Red Hill road. Discussion of the proposal. Robert Pearce suggested the committee recommend the plan to President Bowen and Scott ,and Darrell meet with President Bowen as soon as possible to discuss the plan; then President Bowen would be the one to make the recommendation to the Bannock Planning Organization. It was suggested Scott present the proposal to Faculty Senate as well. Kathleen can let him know when.
ACTION:     MOTION by Ernie Naftzger that the committee support the concept of a primary corridor around the campus, and then to develop the plan utilizing that concept with a long term goal of reducing all non-campus, vehicular traffic. Seconded. CARRIED.   B.     Campus History Walk: Scott Campbell presented a proposal supported by the Alumni Association for a "history walk". The walk would be located where 7th Street enters the campus and leads to Swanson Arch. The walk would be made of pavers that individuals would purchase and have their name engraved on.
Adjacent to the arch there would be 13 panels listing the different names of the university and the inauguration of each school.  The  portion of the walk leading from 7th Street  to the arch will be called the " 100 Year Walk" from 1901 to 2001. Individuals graduating in those years can buy one of the pavers with their names to be engraved on it. Then a " Second Century Walk" beginning at the arch and running towards the quad would be made up of the panels and pavers and list events of those years.  The walk would end at the quad with a fountain area.  The walks would also include benches, lights and waste receptacles.  Scott commented the time frame for completion is the summer of 2000 for the first walk and spring of 2002 for the second walk, which is the centennial. The location seems ideal for the walk and fountain as a large number of the campus community pass by there. Kathleen Lane commented the University of Montana Alumni Association has a successful project similar to this, so may want to contact them for suggestions.

ACTION. MOTION by Karen Hayward to approve the history walk plan with the fountain. Seconded. CARRIED.

IV.    NEXT MEETING A.     Scott Evans asked the committee to review the bylaws and determine what the committee's charge actually is. Darrell Buffaloe commented the Physical Plant has developed a new campus planning group with Scott Campbell as the director that will need guidance, recommendations and approvals from this committee. Scott Campbell commented he would like to have this committee meet at least once a month, and possibly more as needed.

B.     Next meeting scheduled for November 19, 1998.

Meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

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