October 14, 1999 Clearwater Room
4:00 p.m. Student Union Building

Attendance: Jennifer Attebery, Traci Bliss, Scott Campbell, Kimberly Carter-Cram, Darin Dehle, Scott Evans, Lindsey Huntsman, Sandy Mitchell, Carol Stenson, Anna Weskerna
Excused: Darrell Buffaloe, Brenda Malepeai, Ernie Naftzger, Ken Prolo


A. Welcome: Welcome by Jennifer Attebery, Chair for this meeting. Introduction of persons in attendance. Attebery discussed the purpose of the Campus Planning and Cultural Affairs Council. She commented this committee is a link to the Faculty Senate. She said the committee can recommend procedures and policies, but any action items must be approved by the Faculty Senate. The committee needs to set definite meeting times and dates for the year and discuss what issues in planning need to be addressed. Need to set the standing meeting dates, and then cancel if no agenda items. Committee members are to send a schedule of what times they can meet to either Scott Evans or Anna Weskerna.

B. Announcements: None

C. Approval of January 28, 1999 Minutes: ACTION: Motion by Stenson to approve minutes as written. Seconded by Mitchell. Motion carried.


A. Election of Chair for 1999-2000: Attebery noted the Chair is appointed for one year and must be a continuing member of the committee and a faculty representative. ACTION: Scott Evans nominated for Chair. Seconded. Motion carried. Evans chaired remainder of the meeting.

B. Approval of Bylaws: ACTION: Motion by Stenson to approve the following changes to the Bylaws:

1. In Chapter Three - Officers and Meetings

Need to add: "The Chair must be a Faculty Representative."

2. Change the term "Chairman" to "Chair" throughout the Bylaws.

Motion by Bliss to table the vote until the next meeting, as required in the Bylaws. Motion carried.

A. Campus Banners: Report by Darin Dehle, Campus Architect, regarding campus banners. He has been working with ASISU and many campus departments and two designs have been approved. (Sample of banners displayed to the committee.) There will be two student organizations displayed on the bottom of each banner and the top of the banner has a centennial-related theme. The banners are not permanent and can be changed as needed. Banners are proposed to be located around the quad, by Reed Gym, and the library at this time. The concept of identifying different colleges on campus on the banners is also a possibility. Suggestion to have a tiger emblem on the banners by Reed Gym. Dehle commented the banners need to be bid yet, but hopefully can have some banners up later this fall. Discussion. Question by Stenson as to why the issue is brought before this committee now when it has already been approved. Dehle commented he felt the committee would like to keep informed of the progress of the project.

B.  Capital Projects: Report by Scott Campbell, Director of Facilities Planning. He stated there is an extensive list of projects, and if the committee would like to be involved in a greater degree will need more than one hour meeting time. The committee agreed they would rather keep the project reports in general concepts and not detailed. Would rather the committee be a guide and offer ideas on current and future projects rather than deal in details. The campus mission statement and master plans are on the web and he would encourage committee members to view them. Attebery commented there should be reports at the committee meetings, but the "meat" of the meeting should be recommending any policies needed.

A. Next meeting scheduled for 4:00 p.m., Thursday, December 9, 1999 (Place to be announced).

Meeting adjourned at 5:16 p.m.

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