December 9, 1999 Physical Plant Office
4:00 p.m. Building #18

Attendance: Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Darin Dehle, Scott Evans, Sandy Mitchell, Ernie Naftzger, Carol Stenson, Anna Weskerna

Excused: Traci Bliss, Kimberly Carter-Cram, Lindsey Huntsman, Brenda Malepeai, Ken Prolo


A. Welcome: Welcome by Scott Evans, Chair.

B. Announcements: None

C. Approval of October 14, 1999 Minutes: ACTION: Motion to approve minutes as written. Seconded. Motion carried.


A. Approval of Bylaws: ACTION: Motion to move item from the table as per last meeting. Seconded. Motion carried. ACTION: Motion to approve the following amendments to the Bylaws:

1. In Chapter Three - Officers and Meetings
Need to add: "The Chair must be a Faculty Representative."

2. Change the term "Chairman" to "Chair" throughout the Bylaws.
Seconded. Motion carried.

B.  Meeting Schedule: Evans stated Jennifer Attebery from Faculty Senate recommended the committee set a specific time and day each month for meetings. Suggestion to have the meetings the second Thursday of each month. Evans asked members to submit a spring schedule since schedules may have changed with the new semester. Committee agreed to have the next meeting on Thursday, January 27, 2000, at 4:00 p.m. Will discuss role and mission of the committee and future meeting schedule at that time. Will also have presentation by Scott Campbell on the campus master plan.

C.  Capital Projects Review: Dehle reported on the current larger projects. They include:

1.  Student Union in Idaho Falls. Scheduled for completion this summer.

2.  Physical Science Remodel. Asbestos abatement to be done next week, putting old section back together and the new addition is going up.

3.  Davis Fieldhouse. Scheduled for completion in mid-January. Soccor team will be moving into the new building first part of January.

Smaller projects include:

    1.  Bookstore Remodel in Student Union. Will be completed in two phases.

Upcoming projects include:

1.  Performing Arts Center. Should complete drawings about mid-March.

2.  New Elevator at the Student Union. Project to start this spring. Will include a clock tower at the top (in relation to the ISU Centennial).

3.  History Walk and Ceremonial Flags. To be located from quad area to Carter Street in line with Swanson Arch.

4.  Rock Walk. Currently receiving rocks from all counties in the State. Will be placing the rocks around campus in relation to where the counties are located in the State. Each rock will have plaques describing its significance and the county.
Campbell asked the committee members to review the master plan and projects on the physical plant web site. He would like to get feedback from the committee thru the web. Then he would monitor the comments and post only those items of value to the whole campus. He will use links so persons can get as detailed on each project and they would like. He stated would rather the committee use the web to get information, and then use the committee meeting times to discuss guidelines and make recommendations. Naftzger commented the committee meetings are for discussing issues and voting on items to be recommended to Faculty Senate.



A. Next meeting scheduled for 4:00 p.m., Thursday, January 27, 2000 Physical Plant Trailer (behind the Maintenance & Operations Bldg #18).

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

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