May 7, 1998
Portneuf Room
Student Union Building, 4:00 p.m.


A.  Attendance: Bobbie Hyde, Scott Evans, Sandy Mitchell, Bill Vaughn, Bob Pearce, Scott Campbell for Darrell Buffaloe, Dona Bell.

Excused: Ernie Naftzger, Karen Summers- Hayward.
Absent: Kathleen Lane, Brenda Malepeai.


A. ACTION: Motioned and seconded that the minutes from April 23, 1998, be approved.CARRIED.

B. Greek Organization Banner

Scott reported to the Council that the Presidentís Council didnít seem to show much interest in thisarea for banner placement because they felt that the area may be in a unsightly display. They also questioned when was it proper to say which organizations could display banners as there are many more organizations than those requesting the banner display area, all of which should have the same right to display a banner if they wished to fund it. Scott suggested that Holt Arena may be an alternative area that would allow more banners to be displayed in a pleasing manner that could fit the needs of a few or many. It was recommended that this item be tabled until the next year at which time some guidelines regarding costs, care of banners, replacement and other input could be gathered and submitted back to the Presidentís Council for their opinion.   C. Elkís Plaque Bill reported that the cost of casting a replica of the original elkís plaque on the Frazier Hall area flagpole base and then refinishing the original plaque so that it could be reinstalled in itís proper place would cost $500.

It was requested that the Council compile and forward to Bob Pearce a memo stating their recommendation for this casting and refinishing to be completed and then Bob would in turn leave it to the outcome of the project to the Administration.


A.  CEC Funds

Sandy reported that she had just returned from a CEC meeting and that there has been funds set aside to assist in the placement of a fountain on campus, she inquired if such a plan was still in the future or not. Scott reported that Connie Bowen still supported the idea but time has not been such that they have pursued the idea much. Bob suggested that Sandy forward a memo to him so that he could transfer the ear marked funds to a Fountain Account so that it would not be lost with the new funding year going into effect. IV. NEXT MEETING

Meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:   Dona Bell
Approved by:  Bobbie Hyde