December 3,                                                                                                         1998 Selway Room
4:00 p.m.                                                                                                               Student Union Bldg


1.    Attendance:     Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Darin Dehle, Scott Evans, Karen Hayward, Brenda Malepeai, Ernie Naftzger, Robert Pearce, Donna Richardson (for Sandy Mitchell), Anna Weskerna, Mike Willits
    Excused:     Kimberly Carter-Cramm, Kathleen Lane, Sandy Mitchell

    Guest:     Steve Chatterton, Public Safety Director

    A.     ACTION: Motioned and carried that minutes of October 15, 1998, be approved.

    B.     Organization Banners: Darrell Buffaloe stated the Presidentís Council approved the banners proposal. Requests for banners will be processed through this committee. Have one current request from the Program Board. Darin Dehle will assist them with the colors of the banner. Discussion of banner requirements. Committee agreed the banners should be uniform in some way. Will discuss color schemes at a later meeting.

    C.     Review of Bylaws: Discussion as to role and mission of the committee and how it relates to the bylaws. No one could recall as to why "Cultural Affairs" is part of this committee. Scott Evans said he would check into it. It was questioned as to whether both the "Speakers and Artists" and "Naming Committee" need to continue to report to this committee. Darrell Buffaloe stated he would like the "Naming Committee" to continue as a sub-committee to this committee. It was suggested to have a member of the "Speakers and Artists" committee attend the next meeting to discuss how this committee can assist them. Scott Evans will arrange to have someone from that committee present at the next meeting. Scott Campbell commented he would like to use this committee as a sounding board for his planning committee and develop a campus-wide discussion group with the focus on campus planning. Darrell Buffaloe commented this will be a good committee to bring capital projects to for discussion, so will present some projects at the next meeting and see how it goes.

    ACTION: Motion to amend the title and purpose of this council. Title to become the "Campus Planning Council" and purpose to eliminate Chapter One, Section B, Item 8 "Lectures, concerts, exhibitions, and other public programs," this currently being the domain of the Speakers and Artists Committee - the handling and recording of cultural affairs events on campus at the university level. Motion tabled until the next meeting for a final vote.

    1.    Bike Paths on Campus: Steve Chatterton reported he is meeting with various committees on campus to get ideas on how to regulate bicycles on campus. One suggestion that is used at some other institutions is to paint a white line down center of sidewalk to allow pedestrians on one side and bicycles on the other. For those sidewalks not wide enough, gravel would be placed along the side for the bikes. He commented his department is in the process of requesting grant money for bike paths. Discussion on various ideas of regulation. Suggestions included designating specific areas bikes could be used, limiting the time of day bikes could be used, and limiting speed of bikes. It was agreed that whatever plan is adopted, it needs to be "biker friendly" as the campus to trying to encourage the use of bikes and reduce the amount of vehicular traffic on campus. Chatterton stated within the next month or so he will have ideas put together and by spring should have final plans prepared so they can perform whatever work will be required during the summer.

    2.    Campus Lighting: Scott Campbell reported $100,000 is available this year for outside lighting upgrades. Will focus on the following areas as long as funds are available: Library, Reed Gym, Swanson Arch, Ridge Crest, New Health Center, Applied Tech "J" Lot, Bartz Way, Cadet Field Access, Garrison/Turner front area, Holt Arena south side, University Courts, and Frazier Hall "A" Lot. He commented there will be set standards for light installations.

    3.    Recreation Areas: Scott Campbell presented an overview on concepts for various proposed recreation areas around campus. Items could include nature paths and paths for people, bikes and possibly horses, an 18-hole golf course, a rodeo and equestrian area, and areas for recreations such as a softball facility, soccer fields, practice fields, hammer throw and javelin throw. Darrell Buffaloe commented the acreage around Alvin Ricken Drive and Buckskin Road also includes good building sites.

A. Next meeting scheduled for 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 21, 1998.


Meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

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