March 2, 2000 Physical Plant Office
4:00 p.m. Building #18

Attendance: Scott Campbell, Darin Dehle, Scott Evans, Sandy Mitchell, Ken Prolo, Carol Stensen, Anna Weskerna

Excused: Traci Bliss, Kimberly Carter-Cram, Brenda Malepeai, Ernie Naftzger


A. Welcome: Welcome by Scott Evans, Chair.

B. Announcements: None

C. Approval of January 27, 2000 Minutes: ACTION: Motion to approve minutes as written. Seconded. Motion carried.


A. Capital Project Review: Report by Architect Darin Dehle.
1.  Davis Fieldhouse: Project is complete except for punch list. Soccer team is using the facility.
2.  Physical Science Building Remodel/Addition: Project is on schedule. Should be completed by late November 2000. Looking at adding a Phase II, which would extend the opening until Summer 2001. Would rather not move the departments back into the building during the school year. It was suggested by Stenson that the grand opening be included in the centennial celebration.

3.  Idaho Falls Student Union Building: About ready to bid the second portion. Should be open by Fall 2000, except for Phase II.

4.  ISU Student Union Elevator: The project should begin April 3 with completion scheduled for August 2000. For the first 45 days, the lower entrances will be blocked off, but will have doors available for wheelchair access during the entire construction time.

B.  Master Plan Review: Report by Director of Facilities Planning, Scott Campbell.
1.  Bike Paths on campus: First grant was not approved, but have submitted a new grant request which is expected to be approved. (Distributed map showing bike paths and trails for walking and cross-country biking.) Plan to have a parking lot provided by the City of Pocatello in exchange for the city having a water pond on ISU land. Would like to have the Biology Department or other departments identify vegetation for use as instructional areas as well.

Bike Paths, Phase II: Paths for lower campus. (Distributed map of path areas.) Estimated $230,000 for this project. Would be made of pavers with about 4 ft of grass between path and sidewalks. Paths would be extended as funds are available. Last year spent $39,000 for new bike racks along the path. Concern was expressed for area from 8th Street to College of Business with the large amount of pedestrian traffic.

2.  Street sweeper and water truck: Applied for another grant for a street sweeper and water truck to clean the parking lots and sidewalks. Approval looks promising.

If you need specific details of any of the projects or plans, contact Scott Campbell at ext. 4229. Also, if you have any suggestions or comments, please give him a call. To view the projects and plans, visit the Physical Plant website

C.  Other: None

A.  Renaming of ISU Student Newspaper: Stenson expressed concern that the student newspaper ("Bengal") was renamed the "X-tra" without any input from other areas such as this committee or the administration, and that the paper is associated with the university as a kind of trademark and logo. She is concerned that now each new student government group may choose to rename the paper whenever they choose. Prolo suggested she make a recommendation to the new ASISU President and express concern as the paper is an image of the campus. Prolo stated he would speak to Kent Tingey, University and Government Relations, and others regarding the issue and report at the next meeting.


A. Next meeting scheduled for 4:00 p.m., Thursday, March 23, 2000 Physical Plant Trailer (behind the Maintenance & Operations Bldg #18). NOTE: MEETING CHANGED TO THURSDAY, MARCH 30, 2000.
Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

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