February 13, 2001                                                                                           College of Education

4:00 p.m.                                                                                                         Room 345


Council Members

Present:           Darla Bell, Traci Bliss (Chair), Scott Campbell, Kimberly Carter-Cram, Ernie Naftzger,

                        Priscillia Reis and Beth Miner.


Absent:            Tony Martin


Excused:          Darrell Buffaloe, Sherri Dienstfrey, Ken Prolo and Rob Spencer.


Guest:              Jeff Madsen of Planning Operations


The meeting was called to order by Traci Bliss at 4:00 p.m. 



She informed the committee of the Faculty Senate’s decision to make the University Energy Committee

an “ad hoc” committee rather than a “permanent” committee.  Dr. Priscilla Reis explained that in order

to establish this committee as a permanent committee it would take an amendment to the current by-laws. 

Dr. Bliss reiterated that part of the charge to this ad hoc committee is to make recommendations on how

best to keep faculty informed about changes in energy use that directly effects teaching, scholarship, or

creative endeavors.


Dr. Bliss wanted to know background on and availability of a written master plan for the campus.  Mr.

Scott Campbell explained that an outside consulting firm had done research in 1995 and that this is what

is currently in operation but because of rapid growth has become obsolete.  The plan is available on the

website at //contents.html. She would like all committee

members to review the portion on space utilization.  


Approval of Minutes:

Moved by Mr. Ernie Naftzger and seconded by Dr. Reis to approve the minutes.  Motion passed



New Business:


Space Utilization:


Dr. Bliss introduced this presentation as the first step to developing a recommended policy for space

utilization consistent with the council’s goals:

Space Utilization/Vision & Mission Statement - Scott Campbell & Jeff Madsen

Scott Campbell introduced Jeff Madsen who is the Space Utilization Planner and gave the committee a

brief graphic overview of their major responsibilities.  Scott’s position is responsible for developing a

long term vision & mission statement -- 5 years.  Jeff is responsible for attempting to plan space management

on a yearly basis.  Scott mentioned that he is in the process of working on the 2001 Facility Development

Plan essentially a new Master Plan for space utilization.  His goal is to start in September and meet with

every department on campus and discuss their visions and what kind of direction they are undertaking and

would like to see occur.  


Dr. Bliss brought out that the she believes the Council should be focused on establishing a policy statement

and direction for space utilization so the university has some recommended guidelines. 


Mr. Madsen brought out that the over riding statement for space utilization policy should be that “all space

is owned by Idaho State University.”  After some discussion of this, Dr. Bliss requested that for next meeting

on February 27, 2001 each committee member e-mail her with one to two topics for discussion which would

help to develop a policy statement for space utilization.   Under the broad heading given above, Mr. Madsen

said the committee could provide much help with policy guidelines which are viable for campus planning and

stay within the legal parameters of the University.  The general consensus of the group was to e-mail Dr. Bliss

at least one to two topics for discussion by February 22 to help develop a recommended space utilization policy. 

The group discussed several current examples of how such a policy framework could be beneficial.


Facilities Planning:


·       Rock Walk

Scott Campbell initiated a short discussion concerning the Rock Walk.  He asked for committee support as to

how to designate the rocks, i.e. library or Oboler Library.  Moved by Kimberly Carter-Cram and seconded by

Scott Campbell to refer this issue to the Name Designation Committee for policy review.  Dr. Priscilla Reis said

she would check the by-laws to be sure this wan an appropriate topic for that committee.


·       Plans for New Alumni Center

As part of the committees focus on space utilization, Valorie Watkins, Alumni Director requested the opportunity

to make a brief presentation on the new Alumni Center.  She informed the group that they hoped to break ground

at Homecoming 2001 and to have the building completed in two to three years.  It will be a prime location in the

far corner near Bonneville Street and 15th and serve as a gateway to campus.  She felt it would give alumni more

visibility to students and they would have the capacity to hold dinners, receptions and be open to all campus

activities.  Scott Campbell mentioned although it is a private endeavor the location is on state property and must

meet certain state guidelines and their office is working very closely in this matter.  He noted this is an example

of a somewhat grey area in space utilization.  Ms. Watkins passed out brochures on the building and a pamphlet

regarding the brick sales for help in funding the new center.  She also brought the architects drawings and plans

for the group to see.  Dr. Bliss thanked Valorie for coming to the meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted:                                               Approved by:




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