January 30, 2001                                                                                             College of Education

4:00 p.m.                                                                                                         Room 355


Council Members

Present:           Traci Bliss (Chair), Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Kimberly Carter-Cram, Darin

                        Dehle, Sherri Dienstfrey, Tony Martin, Ernie Naftzger, Priscilla Reis and Beth Miner.


Absent:            Darla Bell, Ken Prolo and Rob Spencer


Guest:              Darin Dehle


The meeting was called to order by Traci Bliss at 4:00 p.m.  There were no announcements.


Approval of Minutes

Moved by Scott Campbell and seconded by Kim Carter-Cram to approve the November 14 minutes. 

Motion passed unanimously.  A motion was made by Scott and seconded by Kim Carter-Cram to

approve the November 28 minutes.  Motion passed unanimously.


Old Business


Policy Recommendations on Energy Plan with Incentives - Darrell Buffaloe

Darrell Buffaloe explained that the escalating costs of energy makes incentives to campus units a moot

point now - - that any savings would need to be put back into the reserve.  He handed out an Outline

for the Energy Conservation Program.  He informed the committee of the pending legislation in the

State to open up Energy Conservation Incentive offered by several companies to provide the means of

energy savings with no cost the University/College.  Their fees would be paid in the amount of savings

the institution gained in reduced energy consumption from these recommendations and implementations.

He mentioned that an alum, Mr. Scott McClure of McClure Engineering had performed “energy audits”

for the campus and the University would hopefully contract a company to work with on these proposals. 

He mentioned the University of Utah had entered into a “Performance Contract” for guaranteed savings. 

The project cost approximately 15 million dollars and the payback to the contractor ended up $18 million. 

Darrell explained his department was working on ways to reduce energy consumption on campus.  Listed

below are a few of these.


·       Evening classes consolidated into one building instead of having a building open for only

      one class.

·       Custodians working during the day while the buildings are open.

·       Checking into the feasibility of having more energy efficient hours for the library.


After a lengthy discussion the following changes were made to the ISU Energy Conservation Program

Outline.  (Copy with changes attached to minutes)


1.     To change the name from Campus Energy Committee to University Energy Committee.

2.     Change the #1 under Section B, committee composition to the following and excluding from

      from the Faculty Senate:

      A member of the Campus Planning Council (Faculty).

3.     To # 3 under Section C add:

                        and consistent with academic goals, research and creative activity.

4.     To #4 under Section C add:

                        while not compromising the aesthetics of the campus.

5.     To add under Section D the following:

                        This will be taken care of on a quarterly basis.


The discussion continued and Darrell mentioned that he thought with all of the energy rate hikes they had

estimated a $1 million dollar increase in costs this year.  He felt that it would be so beneficial to the

university for the legislature to the pass the pending bill to allow the contractors to help provide the energy

savings plan.   Dr. Priscilla Reis asked whether the University Energy Committee would be ad hoc or long

term and needed to be established and approved through the Faculty Senate.  Mr. Tony Martin agreed to

serve on the committee as the Campus Planning Council Representative.  A motion was made by Tony

Martin and seconded by Sherri Dienstfrey to recommend to Faculty Senate that this committee be established

as a long term standing committee.  Dr. Bliss and several members suggested that Darrell Buffaloe serve as

the Chair of the University Energy Committee,  Dr. Reis suggested that this committee be formed as a sub-

committee of the Campus Planning Council.  The committee was in agreement on both additions and question

was called.  The motion passed unanimously.  A letter will be sent to the Faculty Senate to act immediately

on establishing this committee. 


The general consensus of the committee was to commend Darrell Buffaloe on his strong effort and expertise

in this area.  A discussion followed about ways to get the message out to the public on the committee’s effort

for energy conservation.  The following were suggested.


1.     Letter in News and Notes

2.     Letter in Student Newspaper


Dr. Bliss will follow up with News and Notes and will work on getting this information out the general

University population.


Update on Faculty Senate Review - Priscilla Reis


Dr. Reis gave a brief summary of the Faculty Senate Review of the Campus Planning Council.

She felt the proceedings and review were going well.  She mentioned they were taking into consideration

dropping the Speakers and Artists Committee from the Council’s jurisdiction.  One of the recommendations

was to set up more efficient long term management of the committee and to have the Council establish a

permanent meeting date. 


New Business

Review of Facility Access Minutes

The committee looked at the minutes and made one change under Section B “Awareness on Campus”   change

the following from “According to the By-Laws, we should send our minutes to the Campus Planning Committee

for their support” to “for their approval”.   Moved by Mr. Ernie Naftzger and seconded by Priscilla Reis to

approve the minutes of the Facilty Access Committee.  Motion passed unanimously.


Future Agenda Items


As an announcement Scott Campbell handed out copies of the “Rendezvous Programming Schedule” and the

“Preliminary Project Team Members.”  A short discussion followed.  For future agenda items, Dr. Bliss

reminded the group of its commitment to space utilization.  She asked Scott Campbell how best to proceed on

the “Space Utilization Issue”.  Scott agreed to present a portion of the Vision and Mission Statement for the

University.  He will bring Jeff Madsen who serves as part time Space Utilization Manager to the meeting for

this presentation which will be the major focus of the February 13 meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted:                                               Approved by:




         Beth Miner                                                                  Traci Bliss