November 28, 2000                                                                            College of Education

4:00 p.m.                                                                                             Room 355


Council Members

Present:           Darla Bell, Traci Bliss (Chair), Darrell Buffaloe, Sherri Dienstfrey, Tony Martin, Ernie

                        Naftzger, Priscilla Reis and Beth Miner.


Excused:          Scott Campbell, Kimberly Carter-Cram, Darin Dehle and Ken Prolo.


Absent:            Rob Spencer





Dr. Traci Bliss called the meeting to order and informed the group she had met with Mrs. Connie Bowen to

obtain her opinion and perspective on the issue of a Faculty Club.  Dr. Bliss asked for council input.  The group

was very much in support of the concept and suggested the name University Club.  A short discussion followed

and a “group editing” session was held.   Mr. Tony Martin came up with the following suggested mission



Suggestions created by the

Campus Planning & Cultural Affairs Council


Mission Statement

Idaho State University

University Club


                        The University Club exists to support the ISU community.  The

                        intended purpose is to provide a common, comfortable environment

                        for the faculty, staff and emeriti faculty to share.


Discussion continued with the point being brought out that graduate students would be included only if they

were a guest of a faculty, staff or emeriti faculty.  Moved by Ernie Naftzger and seconded by Darrell Buffaloe

to support the University Club proposal.  Motion passed unanimously.  Traci Bliss informed the group this

completed the announcements. 


Approval of Minutes


Traci Bliss asked that we postpone the approval of the minutes until the Faculty Senate Representative, Dr.

Priscilla Reis was in attendance.  The group agreed with the following exception.  The following motion to

change the name of the council to the Campus Planning Council.  Moved by Tony Martin and seconded by Darla

Bell to accept the name change.  This recommendation will be added and passed on to the Faculty Senate for



Old Business


Location of Campus Flagpole


Traci Bliss continued the meeting with the issue of the flagpole.  A short discussion followed.  Moved by Tony

Martin and seconded by Ernie Naftzger to move the flagpole to the location at the end of the Administration

Building Parking lot.  Discussion continued with the following points being brought out by the group.  Tony

Martin brought out the display would be very appealing from the traffic situation on both 8th Street and Martin

Luther King Parkway. Darrell mentioned that Scott Campbell was working on the feasibility of a fountain and

benches at this site.  Question was called and the motion passed unanimously. 


New Business


Energy Conservation and Efficiency Planning


Darrell Buffaloe handed out a proposal from the Physical Plant for measures being used currently and proposed

measures to help with energy conservation and to recommend possible ways for more efficient operation of the

campus.  A discussion followed.  Council members were interested in the development of incentive systems to

conserve energy on campus.  Darrell Buffaloe will bring recommendations to the next meeting, January 30, 2001.  


Approval of Minutes   


Dr. Priscilla Reis mentioned the following should be added to the September 28, 2000 minutes.  Darin Dehle

asked the committee to establish to get faculty involvement in the internal configuration of the of the Rendezvous

Building,  Moved by Ernie Naftzger and seconded by Sherri Dienstfrey to accept this addition to the minutes. 


November 14, 2000 Minutes


Priscilla Reis asked that the part on the facility name designation portion of the November 14 minutes which

included her as a member of the name designation committee be deleted as she is not a member.  The general

consensus was to delete this from the minutes   Priscilla Reis brought out that the Council did not have the

authority to change the by-laws in a single meeting.  Further, given that a committee was under review by the

Faculty Senate, it may be more appropriate to make recommendations to Faculty Senate, then change the by-laws

after the report is received from the ad hoc committee performing the review.  Moved by Tony Martin and

seconded by Ernie Naftzger to change the minutes to read as recommendations to be forwarded to the Faculty

Senate.  Motion passed unanimously.  The meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m. with the next meeting schedule for

January 30, 2000 at 4:00 p.m. in the College of Education Dean’s Conference Room.


Respectfully submitted by:                                                      Approved by:



______Beth Miner                                                                       Traci Bliss