November 14, 2000                                                                        Administration Building

4:00 p.m.                                                                                         President’s Conference Room


Council Members

 Present:          Darla Bell, Traci Bliss (Chair), Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Sherri

                        Dienstfrey, Darin Dehle, Brenda Malepeai, Tony Martin, Ernie Naftzger,

                        Priscilla Reis, Rob Spencer and Beth Miner.


Excused:          Kimberly Carter-Cram and Ken Prolo.


Braving the elements, the group gathered at the flagpole site between Graveley Hall and the

Administration Building to check the site where the flag is currently located and its possible

upward extension pursuant to the request for advice from Scott Campbell.  After checking this

site the group was somewhat concerned about visibility.  They then  moved to the proposed

location at the end of the administration building parking lot and adjacent to Martin Luther

King Street.  A short discussion followed regarding moving the monument and displaying the

national, state and university flags together. Tony Martin made the point that it would be more

aesthetically pleasing to have three flags at one site and visible from the drive.  The group then

proceeded to the President’s Conference Room for the regular meeting.


Traci Bliss called the meeting to order again and introduced Rob Spencer, College of Education

Senator who is the ASISU Representative on the council.  She addressed the group and mentioned

that the Faculty Senate had selected the Campus Planning Council to review this year and would

come up with recommendations in the Spring.  Dr. Bliss emphasized the importance of developing

operating procedures for the Council and for focusing on policies to deal with issues covered in

Council by-laws.  She said goals should coincide with by-laws.


Approval of Minutes - Traci Bliss entertained a motion to approve the minutes of the September

27 meeting.  Moved by Darin Dehle and seconded by Ernie Naftzger to approve the September

27 minutes.  Brenda Malepeai asked that the wording be changed from the Speech Pathology

Faculty could use at least three additional distance learning labs to the Speech Pathology could

use additional distance learning labs.  Also to add that Scott Campbell reiterated that the faculty

would be kept posted on all of the projects being undertaken by the physical plant.  Motion passed

unanimously with the two corrections.


Traci Bliss  called for approval of the October 31, 2000 minutes.  Moved by Darrell Buffaloe and

seconded by Tony Martin to approve the minutes.  Motion passed unanimously. She asked if holding

the meetings on Tuesday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. is good for the council members.  The general

consensus was that this time worked for everyone.  The Council will meet every two weeks from

4:00 to 5:15 p.m. in the College of Education.


The following is a meeting schedule for the academic year 2000-2001.


November 28, 2000                February 27, 2001      April 17, 2001

January 30, 2001                   March 6, 2001            May 1, 2001.

February 13, 2001                  March 27, 2001



New Business


I.  Review of By-Laws


(Note: Items in bold are recommended for changes in the current by-laws were recommended

for possible adoption by the council at the next regular meeting on November 28, 2000). 


1)  It was brought up by Traci Bliss that under the heading of Membership of the Council

      the Campus Planner/Architect is designated as one voting member.  Darrell Buffaloe

      addressed the issue and said he would like to have both Darin Dehle, Campus

      Architect and Scott Campbell, Director of Facilities Planning as voting members of

      the council.  See #1 on last page


2)   Traci Bliss asked for a review of Chapter V - Standing Committees.  The Standing               

     Committees of this council are the (1) Speakers & Artists Committee, (2) Facility

      Name Designation Committee, and (3) Facility Access Committee.  She asked for

      discussion and asked members who have either served in the past or been a member

      of the council for some time to give a historical overview of the three standing

      committees.  Ernie Naftzger brought out that the facility access committee should be

      a part of the council.  Moved by Ernie Naftzger and seconded by Darrell Buffaloe to

      keep the Facility Access Committee as a standing committee of the Campus Planning

      and Cultural Affairs Council.  As far as the Facility Name Designation Committee the

      members brought out that normally the proposed name change was brought to the

      Financial Vice President and Faculty Senate Representative who is Dr. Priscilla Reis

      and then they select a committee from the membership to recommend the change to

      the University President, who in turn recommends the name change to the State

      Board of Education.  Tony Martin mentioned  that he was on the Committee               

      during the time the Student Union Building was changed to the Earl R. Pond Student

      Union Building and this was the process that was used.  Priscilla Reis mentioned that

      as a representative of the Faculty Senate she felt it was important for the committee to

      work by the established By Laws.


3)   A motion was made by Ernie Naftzger and seconded by Tony Martin to postpone the

      old business concerning the faculty name designation committee issue until Ken

      Prolo could be in attendance.  Motion passed unanimously.


4)   The committee discussed the Speakers and Artists Committee.  Tony Martin, Ernie

      Naftzger and Priscilla Reis mentioned that they felt this committee was too much for

      one Council.  A discussion followed on having  this committee report directly to the

      Faculty Senate. See #2 on last page


      Priscilla Reis brought out that the Faculty Senate may ask this Council for

      recommendations on the Speakers and Artists Committee.  A discussion followed and

      Darrell Buffaloe and Sherri Dienstfrey brought out that the planning stages of the

      Speakers and Artists Committee might be routed through this council.   Traci Bliss

      reminded the members the council needs to be focused to be effective.  Tony Martin

      reminded the members that he felt any “permanent installations” should be under the

      jurisdiction of the campus planning with our recommendations forwarded to the

      Faculty Senate. See #3 on last page


     See #4 on last page


6.  Traci Bliss added that the council needs to review the rest of the by-laws at a future meeting. 

      A short discussion followed.  See #5 on last page II.  Process for Agenda Setting


1)   A lengthy discussion occurred the following suggestions being made about the

      Council’s process of agenda setting.


            A. Chair of the committee sets agenda

            B. Agenda should focus on priorities

            C. Set goals for each meeting

            D. Guest policy


A discussion followed with the general consensus that the council be effective and proactive and

not be a “rubber stamp” committee.  Scott Campbell mentioned that he felt the council was moving

in the right direction - encouragement, supportive of the beautification of the campus.  Tony Martin

added that he felt it was important for the council to have knowledge of projects and all items of

importance in order to be effective. 


Traci Bliss read the following procedure she drafted regarding guests.  “Guests who wish to make

presentations will contact the Council Chair and be put on the agenda when their issue is scheduled

to be considered according to Council priorities. When guests have an issue that does not coincide

with the prioritized agenda, the chair will bring the issue to the committee.  The Council will

collectively decide if and when it will be addressed.”  The group agreed to this process without a

motion and Priscilla Reis added that “the chair has discretion over the agenda.”


The committee felt the following items were of great concern for both present and long term



            1) Space Utilization Policy

            2) Land Use Planning

            3) Set of Policy Guidelines consistent with Councils charge

            4) Energy Conservation


A discussion followed regarding the rising costs of heating buildings.  A motion was made by Darin

Dehle and seconded by Darla Bell to put “energy conservation” as a high priority.  Motion passed



A motion was made by Priscilla Reis and seconded by Scott Campbell to focus on the following

items for the Spring Semester.


            1) Energy Conservation

            2) Space Utilization

            3) Faculty Senate Proposals


The motion passed unanimously.  The meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.  The next meeting will be held

at 4:00 p.m. in the College of Education, Room 355 on November 28th.


Respectfully submitted by:                                          Approved by



_______Beth Miner______                                        ______Traci Bliss                     

Proposed Changes to By-Laws



All of these passed unanimously and will be brought up for a final vote at the November 28,

2000 meeting..


1) Moved by Darrell Buffaloe and seconded by Tony Martin to have both the campus

     architect and the Director of Facilities Planning as voting members of the council. 


2) Moved by Ernie Naftzger and seconded by Sherri Dienstfrey to have the Speakers and

     Artists Committee report to the Faculty Senate.                 


3) Moved by Ernie Naftzger and seconded by Tony Martin that all permanent

     installations be reviewed by the Council to enhance the campus environment.


4) Moved by Sherri Dienstfrey and seconded by Ernie Naftzger that the Speakers &

     Artists Committee when proposing any physical changes to the campus that it be

     brought before the Campus Planning & Cultural Affairs Committee.


5) Moved by Ernie Naftzger and seconded by Tony Martin to drop section (8) under

     Chapter One - Names and Purposes, Section B which includes lectures, concerts,

     exhibitions and other public programs. (This deletion would make the language of the

     by-laws consistent with the change in #2 above).