October 31, 2000                                                                                                                        College of Education

4:00 p.m.                                                                                                                                      Room 345



Council Members

Present:                Traci Bliss, (Chair), Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Kimberly Carter-Cram, Sherri Dienstfrey,

                              Brenda Malepeai, Tony Martin, Ernie Naftzger, Ken Prolo, Priscilla Reis and Beth Miner,

                              (Council Secretary).


Excused:               Darla Bell


Guests:                 Carla Dando, Darin Dehle, Mary Dundas, Dave Hanson, Kara Keeter, Andrea McDowell.


Dr. Bliss called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. in the College of Education Dean’s Conference Room.  A special

request was made by ASISU Vice President, Andrea McDowell to move her item of business to first on the agenda. 

Also members of the Faculty Club Committee asked if their business could be moved to the second agenda item. 

Moved by Ernie Naftzger and seconded by Ken Prolo to change the agenda to accommodate the two groups.  Motion

passed unanimously.


Senate Resolution # 351


ASISU Vice President Andrea McDowell asked for committee support of the proposed Student Senate Resolution #351

which would recommend to the State Board of Education that the South Entrance to Holt Arena be named Dragila Way. 

A short discussion followed.  Ken Prolo brought out that this would be submitted to the State Board of Education at the

November 4th meeting.  Moved by Ernie Naftzger and seconded by Darin Dehle to support the resolution.  The resolution

passed unanimously.


Faculty & Staff Club on Campus


Kara Keeter, Carla Dando and Dave Hanson of the committee to organize a “Faculty Club” on campus came to the

committee asking for support and a discussion followed.  The items that were presented and discussed were as follows:


               1.  How much interest is there?


               2.  Is there space on campus for an area to be designated for this purpose?


               3.  How to fund the club - dues, etc.

After a short discussion the Council recommended that it would be appropriate for these items to  be discussed and the

recommendations passed on to the Faculty Senate.  Darrell Buffaloe brought out the Facilities Planning Committee meets

once a month and makes their recommendations to Dr. Bowen as to where different groups, classrooms, office, etc. are

located on campus.  The council recommended that we need to come up with a clear, detailed process for groups to be able

to express ideas and then have this information passed on to the Faculty Senate through the Council.  The discussion

continued and Darrell brought up several items of concern–the alcohol issue and the fact it must have State Board of Education

approval.  Dr. Bliss requested some research on the ways other campuses handle their Faculty Club especially at the University

of Idaho and Boise State University.   She also stated that it would be useful to have a prioritized list of the goals for the

proposed faculty club.  Darrell also mentioned that Dr. Bowen is in support of the faculty club and the possibility of using the

Red Hill Building. Several of the guests were in favor of the dining area at Garrison Hall and some issues were parking, who

would pay for maintenance and also if alcohol is served there should only be one entrance.  The representative from Health

and Nutrition Sciences, Dr. Mary Dundas spoke about their interest in the space allocated for the food lab.  The Rendezvous

building was mentioned as another potential site.   Dr. Bliss stated that the Council should be making recommendations to

the Senate about the concept and the support for the faculty club idea but that discussions of specific space should reside

with Facilities Planning.  Darrell Buffaloe invited the group to meet with Facility Planning in the near future. 


Flagpoles on Campus


Scott Campbell gave a presentation on the different options being considered for the flagpoles on campus.  The following

were considered.


1) To have the State and Campus Flag at the far end of the Administration Building parking lot with State and

Country flags representing the student population.


2) To have the American Flag remain between Graveley Hall and the Administration Building and to make it taller

so it is not overshadowed by trees.


Dr. Reis added that the flag near the Administration Building might be a formal entrance to the campus.  Scott mentioned

that this is one of several ideas for the flags to be displayed.  Mr. Martin recommended that the flags remain in the same

area and we needed to visually see the area.  Dr. Bliss asked that at the next meeting the committee take a field trip to the

location and come up with plans and recommendations to pass on to the Faculty Senate.




Dr. Bliss suggested that at the next meeting the committee might schedule more time for reviewing the master plan for

the campus.  Mr. Campbell recommended that we come up with a clearly defined process and that faculty and staff had

been consulted and involved early on in the beginning plans for the Rendezvous Building. 


The committee agreed to have the next meeting on Tuesday, November 28 at the Administration Building in the Presidents

Conference Room with a tour of the proposed areas for the flagpoles.


The meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by:                                                           Approved by:


_Beth Miner_______________________                 _____Traci Bliss_____________________