September 27, 2000                                                                                     College of Education

2:00 p.m.                                                                                                        Room 345


Attendance:          Darla Bell, Traci Bliss, Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Darin

                              Dehle, Brenda Malepeai, Beth Miner and Priscilla Reis.


Excused:               Kimberly Carter-Cram, Sherri Dienstfrey, Tony Martin, Ernie

                              Naftzger and Ken Prolo.


Dr. Traci Bliss opened the meeting welcoming the committee members and having

everyone introduce themselves.


1)           Approval of Minutes -

               The first item of business was to approve the minutes from the April 27

               meeting.  Due to the fact a quorum was not present, the approval of the minutes was

postponed until later in the meeting.   With a quorum present   at 2:30 p.m., a motion

was made by Darrell Buffaloe and seconded by Darin Dehle to approve the minutes. 

Motion passed unanimously.


2)           Discussion of Rendezvous Building Classroom

               Traci Bliss asked for input from the committee regarding the Task Force     

Report which was sent out to all members.  Darrell Buffaloe gave a brief summary of

the proposal.  He said the State Board of Education has committed $15 million dollars to

the project and the total cost of the      building would be $34 million.  There will be some

type of food service      and also they are still looking at the bookstore.   The deadline for the           

Request for Proposals is October 31, 2000.  Scott Campbell reiterated that the faculty would

be kept posted on all of the projects being undertaken by the physical plant.  A discussion

followed regarding several concerns the committee brought out about the proposal.        


A.  Brenda Malepeai brought up the point of storage space for faculty who have equipment and other items

to be used in the classroom.  Traci Bliss said she had input from several faculty and they said that lockers        

were essential in their assessment.


             B.    Traci Bliss recommended the chairs in the amphitheater style classroom be movable because this

      gives far more flexibility to faculty.


             C.    Darin Dehle mentioned that the acoustics in the building would be a major concern and he would keep

                     a very close watch over the design. 


             D.    Brenda Malepeai brought out that the library is maxed out as far as the distance learning labs.  She also

                     noted that the Speech Pathology Faculty could use additional distance learning labs. Darin Dehle

                     mentioned that he would be sure to keep the committee informed of all of the architectural design, the

                     Internet II and would make sure all of these concerns are addressed by the architect.  Also he mentioned                       

                     when they reached a point of decision he would make sure the committee was consulted.  


3.            Flagpoles at Administration Building

               Scott Campbell mentioned that he did not have all of the information needed to make a presentation to the

committee and would recommend tabling all action until a later meeting.


4.            Times for Committee Meetings - Traci Bliss announced that a form had been sent to all committee

members and it looked as if Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. would be a time that fits with most committee

members schedules.


               Meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.



               Respectfully submitted by:                                            Approved by:




               ____Beth Miner________________                ______Traci Bliss____________