September 27, 2006     11:00 a.m.                                                                   Student Union Clearwater Room                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Student Union Little Wood River Room


Council Members

Present:     Barbara Adamcik, Daniel Ames, Denise Bowen, Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Steve Chatterton, Kevin Helgeson, Greg Horton, Kathleen Lane, Matthew Lewis, Alba Perez, Matt Sanger, Tim Shurtliff, Sharon Sieber, Bill Stanton,  Joe Steiner, Dennis Toney, Maher Wissa

Excused:   Denton Dance, Ken Prolo, Tara Rowe

Absent:     Lowell Richards for Lee Krehbiel

Guest:      Graham Garner, Director of Alumni Relations                                  


Meeting called to order by Chair, Maher Wissa.


I.          Preliminaries

A.   Announcements:  1)  Welcome and introduction of attendees.  2)  Maher Wissa gave a briefing on the purpose of the new Faculty Senate Executive Council (FSEC).  The FSEC is comprised of Faculty Senate Executive committee members and chairs of the Faculty Senate councils, in addition of the University Presidents and Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs, Financial, Research, University Advancement. He further commented the FSEC has been meeting every two weeks and is very active in increasing communications with their councils and addressing action items.   Maher introduced the Planning Council Executive Committee members.    

B.   Approval of April 27, 2006, Minutes:   Maher requested an addition to the minutes in Item II.A.3., line 18, to add:  “… to submit for the budget.”    Sentence to read:  Friendly amendment to the motion by Scott Campbell to recommend only the first two items for Darrell Buffaloe to submit for the budget.”  Discussion.


MOTION by Darrell Buffaloe to approve minutes with the addition; second; motion carried.


II.      Activity Reports

A. Executive Committee:   1) Goals for academic year 2006-2007.   Maher Wissa stated there are two goals the Executive Committee determined for this year.  One is energy, including hydro, hydrogen, and wind resources.  The other is a short-term facilities planning evaluation, particularly regarding the Rendezvous classrooms and redevelopment of the vacated classrooms, as well as the life-span of campus facilities.  Discussion.   Wissa asked the Council members to let him know if they have any additions to the goals.    2)  Planning Vision Statement and Prioritization:  (Copy of vision statement draft was emailed to the Council members prior to the meeting.)  Maher Wissa discussed the vision statement and asked the members to review the statement for a vote at the next meeting for a final copy.   Discussion.  Council members expressed concern that there has not been enough discussion on the list of prioritized items, other than just the first three that were submitted for the budget request.   They suggested, when reviewing the list, see if the items should be prioritized differently as the initial determination was done in a hurry.   Maher Wissa noted that Scott Campbell will be conducting a presentation on the list of items at the next meeting.  Darrell Buffaloe stated he wants the Council to understand that the University is not working on all the items listed at the same time nor in the order shown, as project needs vary during the year.   He commented, in regards to the Vision Statement; need to include cooperation and coordination with the city and the county.   Maher Wissa asked the Council members to review the draft and email him with any comments. 


3)  Review of subcommittee membership:   Maher Wissa asked the members to review the subcommittee list and let Anna Weskerna know if you would like to be on a committee or if have any changes. 


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B.  Site Development / Circulation & Parking:   1)  Master Plan priority items:  Due to time constraint, the presentation by Scott Campbell was postponed until the next meeting.  2) Athletic Master Plan report by Scott Campbell.   Scott stated the Plan has been completed and sent to President Vailas.  Matt Lewis commented it is very important that the City be involved for any parking and traffic items in the Plan.  Campbell noted there is a zero loss and zero gain in parking on the Plan.  A concern was expressed that there may be a parking problem when there is more than one event going on at the same time within the complex of buildings.    Darrell Buffaloe noted it is very important the City be involved in the Plan regarding the storm water retention as well.


MOTION by Denise Bowen to have Paul Bubb, athletic director, provide a presentation to the Council on the Athletic Master Plan, including the parking and traffic concerns.  Second.  Motion carried.


C.  Facilities Development and Capital Construction:  Postponed until next meeting.


D.   Facilities Access:   Chair Dennis Toney discussed a temporary ramp, to be designed by the Engineering Department, for use by wheelchair persons in buildings with theater-style seating, which will probably be the first of its kind in the U.S.  The ramp would probably be kept in one location each semester, and then moved to another location the next semester as needed.  Darrell Buffaloe asked Toney to share the information with the Facilities Services Department.


E.   Space Management:   Chair Scott Campbell reported the majority of the space management work and discussions have focused on the Rendezvous Center and the general classrooms.  Barbara Adamcik commented the Dean’s Council is asking who is making the decisions on the classrooms.  Campbell stated they used a criteria format, which was then given to the Registrar’s Office for scheduling the rooms.  Adamcik commented there are some faculty asking how they can get on a list to teach in the Rendezvous Center.  Campbell noted they need to contact the Registrar Office.  


F.   Energy and Water Conservation:   Chair Darrell Buffaloe reported his committee received four grant applications, which were all funded.  He noted the committee needs to do more advertising this year to increase the number of applicants.  He commented they are also doing wind measurements for the energy resources study.   Discussion on hydro-power plant.




G.   Historic Preservation:   Chair Sharon Sieber reported the committee has some new members but has not met as yet this fall.  She commented that Ron Hatzenbuehler is putting together a list for the committee to review.


H.  Campus Beautification:   (Discussed in Item III.A.)


I.  Facilities Naming:    Ken Prolo could not attend the meeting.  Nothing to report at this time.


III.      Old Business

A.  Fund raising for campus beautification and Dr. Kent Tingey’s involvement:   (Graham Garner, Interim Director of ISU Foundation Office, attended for Dr. Tingey.)   Greg Horton, Chair of  the Beautification Committee, stated they are looking for small beautification projects on campus, and for persons interested in fund-raising projects, or for possible donations from organizations or departments for projects that could be handled through the Foundation Office.   Projects such as improving the gateways to the campus, signage and landscaping.    Graham Garner commented this is a great idea and asked Horton to provide him a list of projects that can be done, an estimated cost of each project, and a contact person.  He


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will also speak to Sally Long from the Foundation Office about contacting corporations or foundations, and he has a student intern that can help.  He commented it helps to match the cost of a project with the right

people.  He recommended the hiring of a developer/fund-raiser like many areas on campus are doing.   If projects are tied to a specific college, could possibly assign the project to that department or college developer.  Discussion.  Denise Bowen commented there are two projects that have already been discussed that should be included:  1) campus signage, and 2) clean up and upgrade behind Colonial Hall.  Maher Wissa asked Greg Horton to include Graham Garner in the Beautification committee meeting.  He noted to be sure and include the student representative as well.  He asked the Council members to let Greg Horton know if they have any ideas for beautification projects.


IV.       New Business:  


A.  Adding two new members:  Maher Wissa recommended adding a representative from Cultural Affairs Council and a representative from Teaching and Learning Council, which are both under Faculty Senate.  Wissa commented it would enhance communications between the  committees.  Discussion.   The main concerns from Council members are having too many members on the Council and having more ex-officio and non-voting members than voting members.  Suggestions were made to share the agenda and/or minutes with the other Faculty Senate committees to see if there are issues of concern for the Council, or if the Council has issues in which to invite other Faculty Senate committee representatives to specific Council meetings.  


MOTION to table the item until the next meeting to give Council members time to think about the recommendation and gather more information.  Second.  Motion carried.


V.      Next meeting:    October 25, 2006    11:00 a.m.      President’s Conference Room, Bldg 10



ADJOURNMENT at 12:06 p.m.




________________________________                   ________________________________

            Maher Wissa, Chair                                                    Anna Weskerna, Secretary











Approved by Campus Planning Council: October 25, 2006

Approved by Faculty Senate: October 30, 2006





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