January 25, 2006     11:00 a.m.                                                                      Student Union North/Middle Fork Rooms


Council Members

Present:            Daniel P. Ames, Denise Bowen, Scott Campbell, Steve Chatterton, Kevin Cleveland, Denton Dance, Nancy Frank,  Greg Horton, Lee Krehbiel, Matthew Lewis, Kevin Parker,  Dennis Toney, Anna Weskerna, Maher Wissa

Excused:           Darrell Buffaloe, Alba Perez, Ken Prolo, Rene Rodriguez, Sharon Sieber, Joe Steiner

Absent: Tony Martin,  Jack Newsome, Tim Shurtliff, Bill Stanton

Guests: Barbara Adamcik, Steve Adkison, Rajendra Bajracharya, Alan Egger, Carlene Paarmann


Meeting called to order by Chair, Maher Wissa.


I.                    Preliminaries

A.   Announcements:   Discussion on alternating the Council meetings this semester  between Wednesdays and Thursdays (ie, January - Wednesday; February - Thursday; March - Wednesday; April - Thursday) at 11:00 a.m. the last week of each month.   Daniel Ames commented as long as the members have the minutes each month, those who cannot attend can email questions or responses if needed.


MOTION by Daniel Ames to accept alternating the monthly meetings this semester between Wednesdays and Thursdays.   Seconded.  Motion passed.


B.  Approval of November 30, 2005, Minutes:


MOTION by Nancy Frank to approve minutes as written; seconded; motion carried.


C.  A list of Council action items were distributed to the Council members.


II.                 Campus Master Plan  ---  2005-2010


A.   Excellent presentation by Scott Campbell, Director of Facilities Planning, Physical Plant Department, on the 2005-2010 Campus Master Plan.  Great questions and input from the attendees. 

The following are a few comments from the presentation:


1.  Need more signs on campus to guide people through the campus.  Suggestion to apply for grant funding from the IFFT Foundation for signs.


2.  Need to consider better access to the buildings for the elderly. 


3.  Have volunteers research funding sources, such as grants or donors and could name items after the donors.   Should probably have a person designated as the one championing requests to the donors.


4.  Task of prioritizing the projects needs to be done.   Need the Council members to be more involved and also involve persons outside the Council.


5.  The Rendezvous and the Performing Arts Center should be the campus focal points which could drive what projects are done on campus.



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6.  The proposed Alumni Center by Holt Arena is viewed as a major entrance to the campus and the building will have various capabilities.


7.  Suggestion by Matthew Lewis, City of Pocatello, for Scott to do a presentation to the City Mayor and City Council members, particularly on the signage and proposed roadways.  Matt will check to see if there is interest and when the City would like a presentation.


8.  Daniel Ames suggested preparing a list of project priorities with estimated dollar amounts for the Council members.        



III.       Next meeting:  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2006     11:00 A.M.      SUB CLEARWATER ROOM



ADJOURNMENT at 12:45 p.m.



________________________________________               ________________________________________

                     Maher Wissa, Chair                                                               Anna Weskerna, Secretary










Approved by Campus Planning: February 23, 2006; Approved by Faculty Senate: February 27, 2006



















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