November 30, 2005     11:00 a.m.                                                                                Student Union Bear River Room


Council Members

Present:            Daniel P. Ames, Britton Blauer, Denise Bowen, Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Steve Chatterton, Kevin Cleveland, Denton Dance, Nancy Frank, Kevin Helgeson, Greg Horton, Lee Krehbiel, Tony Martin, Kevin Parker, Alba Perez,  Rene Rodriquez, Sharon Sieber, Joe Steiner, Dennis Toney, Maher Wissa

Excused:           Ken Prolo

Absent: Matthew Lewis, Jack Newsome, Tim Shurtliff, Bill Stanton


Meeting called to order by Chair, Maher Wissa.


I.                    Preliminaries

A.   Announcements: 1.  Faculty Senate approved recommended changes to the Council Bylaws as per the motion at the last meeting.   (Updated Bylaws were emailed to the Council members.)  2.  Suggestion by Maher Wissa for Council members to become more active by having the members present issue(s) to the Council; then the issue(s) would be assigned to the appropriate subcommittee for review.   Scott Campbell recommended that items assigned to a subcommittee requires that subcommittee to meet within two weeks after the assignment. 


Alba Perez-Garcia presented issues from the College of Engineering faculty and staff (copies distributed to members):   (1)  Circulation & Parking:   current placement of bicycle racks on campus seems to encourage people to ride on campus sidewalks.  They suggest to not allow bicycles on sidewalks.  Suggest limiting parking on campus, to encourage more of a biking / walking setup, and increase shuttle service from parking lots on the perimeter of the campus.  (2)  Campus Beautification: enhance landscape behind Colonial Hall, as much of the community drive in that area to the Credit Union.  (3)  Naming of Facilities:  naming of the Rhoades Building to AEngineering Research Complex B Measurement and Control Engineering Research Center.@   And (4) a question of the Campus Planning Council responsibilities on the Idaho Falls campus.    Denise Bowen suggested Daniel Ames, Council rep for the Idaho Falls outreach area, contact Vivian Golightly, Continuing Education Office, for email addresses to outreach personnel for their issues for the Council.   Maher Wissa commented these are great suggestions and he will review the items and assign them to the appropriate subcommittees. 


Wissa presented a Away finding@ issue suggesting the renaming of 15th Ave (from Clark St to Memorial Drive) or 19th Ave (from Clark St) to AUniversity Avenue@ which he believes would enhance the image of the University.    Denise Bowen commented the Alumni Association has a long-range goal to build a building at 15th Ave and the Memorial/Bonneville area which could influence renaming the street.    Wissa stated we will need to coordinate with the City and the Alumni Association on the way finding proposal.


B.  Approval of October 26, 2005, Minutes:

MOTION by Darrell Buffaloe to approve minutes as written; seconded by Sharon Sieber; motion carried.


II.      Activity Reports

A. Executive Committee:   1) Chair Maher Wissa suggested a two hour meeting in January 2006 for presentation of the Campus Master Plan by Scott Campbell.  It was suggested the members review the plan on-line prior to the meeting.  Campbell commented there are two versions of the plan:   One on the Physical Plant website with a .pdf version of the drawings and one on the WebCT program with Power Point.  He would like to have the January meeting a question and answer period as well as the presentation and encouraged members to attend.   Denise Bowen suggested to have President Gallagher and the Campus Planning Council rep on the President=s Strategic Planning Committee attend the presentation.      2) Maher Wissa suggested to establish a Campus Beautification subcommittee, separate from the Site Development subcommittee, and will need a chair


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for the subcommittee.  Campbell expressed his concern of funding not being available for beautification projects.


MOTION by Denise Bowen to establish a subcommittee to make recommendations on campus beautification, and that the University provide support for funding and grants.  Seconded by Darrell Buffaloe.  Discussion.  Buffaloe commented that, once the committee identifies and recommends projects, he could help acquire funding.   The subcommittee could also research grants available and write grant proposals.   Bowen suggested having a member of the Planning Council be on the President=s Strategic Planning Committee.   Motion carried.


B.  Site Development / Circulation & Parking:    Chair Scott Campbell reported the committee

has not met as yet.


C.  Facilities Development and Capital Construction:    1. Chair Denton Dance reported:  (1)

the Rendezvous Project is on schedule with the Fall 2007 opening; (2) the Performing Arts Center audio visual contract is to be completed in March 2006;  (3) currently collecting proposals from architect & engineer firms for the new Aquatic Center; selection of the A & E should start in about two weeks; Buffaloe stated he and Ken Prolo met with the Student Senate and the Aquatic Center is now included in the Athletic Master Plan;  (4) heating plant  boiler project is almost complete;  (5) Frazier Hall speech lab project is on hold for additional funding for a debate center;  (6) the Education Auditorium project should take place this summer;  (7) the Trade & Technology Building sidewalk project is about 98% complete, slowed due to weather conditions;  (8) there is only one stairwell remaining to complete the campus handrail project; and (9) a project for the renovation of fire alarms in several buildings was just recently released to the A & E firm. 


2.  Scott Campbell stated he is currently assessing classes and classrooms trying to identify those to be moved to the Rendezvous Building and those to be repurposed, which is a major effort.  The list has been narrowed down to 81 classrooms, and they would like to finalize at least 30 classrooms to be repurposed.  He will be working with the college deans to help identify classrooms.   Denise Bowen suggested submitting a one-time funding request to the State since there are funds available this year to upgrade technology in the classrooms.  Campbell commented he will have a very good list for funding requests.


3. The Ideal Classroom Design project has been assigned to the Center for Teaching and Learning.   Nancy Devine not in attendance to report at this time.           


D.   Facilities Access:  Chair Dennis Toney reported the committee will be meeting next Wednesday.


E.   Space Management:   No update.  Still need a chair selected for the committee.


F.   Energy and Water Conservation:   Committee chair is Darrell Buffaloe.   No report.


G.   Historic Preservation:   Chair Sharon Sieber reported on their November 9, 2006, meeting:  1) discussion on establishing goals and identifying priorities of the committee; need to develop an awareness of ISU=s history through the restoration and preservation of buildings; 2) determining whether or not to place buildings on the Historical Register, which is quite an involved process; 3) suggestion of signage for an historical walk around campus, similar to the existing rock walk and tree walk, and opening up the subcommittee to the larger campus and persons outside the campus;   4) the need for a procedure to identify potential historical objects and a place to display or store them; suggestion to publish an article in the News & Notes asking for volunteers to help locate and identify objects for review of any historical value and prior to any disposal; and 5) need to integrate the history of ISU with new architecture and possible preparation of a history brochure of campus buildings.


H.  Facilities Naming:    No report.   Darrell Buffaloe commented the request by Alba Perez for

naming of the current Rhoades Building needs to be submitted by the department dean to Ken Prolo.


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III.      Old Business

A.        Action on designating distance from non-smoking entrances of campus buildings:

Darrell Buffaloe stated signs are being made for all the entrances of the campus buildings that read no smoking within 20 feet of the entrance.  He said it is difficult to enforce the no smoking, that a person has to do a citizen complaint against the smoker as it is a law and not a policy.  He met with a student this morning and asked them to discuss the issue with Student Senate to get the students involved in helping to enforce the no smoking.  Denise Bowen suggested placing cigarette trash receptacles within the 20 feet from the entrances, which might help eliminate smokers from congregating by the entrance.   Could also place the signs by the receptacles.    


A.        GIS Map for Campus:   Wissa reported he attended the GIS oversight committee meeting.

He stated they need more students to help since the project is so huge, which means more funding is needed in order to finish the work in a planned amount of time and asked if Buffaloe has any funding.  It was suggested to request work study funding from the Financial Aid Office or a one-time state funded request.


MOTION:   Motion by Denise Bowen that student involvement in the GIS project be supported by acquisition of work study students and/or graduate student assistance.  Seconded. Motion carried.


C.  Extension of Red Hill Trail Project:   Maher Wissa discussed history of the trail project and commented there are some problems with the trail route location, but they are trying to finalize the route.  Scott Campbell noted that, until there is enough money, we cannot do much with the trail.  


IV.       New Business:  

A.        AISU Spirit Rock@ B Presentation by Nayland Olsen, peer instructor for a first year seminar

class.  Olsen and four of his students presented a class project idea to establish an AISU Spirit Rock@ on which clubs or organizations could paint items, such as for broadcasting activities or making announcements, and this would be a great way to promote school unity.  The rock would be about 5'-6' W x about 4' H.  They suggested two locations:   in front of Garrison towards Reed Gym or on Bartz Field at the top of the hill.   They estimate it would cost about $1,000 to place the rock and they would have fund raising events to cover the cost.    They anticipate there should be minimal maintenance of the rock.  As per the student group, the Spirit Rock:   1) will promote school spirit; 2) will be a fun way for clubs to broadcast activities; 3) will be available for all students to paint; and 4) could start many new traditions at ISU.   The project will be passed on to the next class to continue the idea. 


Discussion by the Council.  Concern that someone would have to be responsible for the rock.  Tony Martin suggested to have something other than a rock, like a wall to paint, as persons may start painting other rocks on campus, especially now with the ARock Walk@ program.   Daniel Ames commented, as a geologist, he likes rocks and a rock means more permanence.


MOTION: Motion by Darrell Buffaloe to accept the concept and preliminary planning.  Seconded by Dennis Toney.  Buffaloe commented it is a great idea, but we need to review the idea and gather more information before making a determination.  Item could be assigned to the new Campus Beautification subcommittee.  Will need to place the item on the agenda for the next meeting.  Motion carried.


V.      Next meeting:    January ??, 2006    Weskerna will poll members in January 2006 as to what day /

time is best for the meetings in spring semester.


ADJOURNMENT at 12:15 p.m.



________________________________                   ________________________________

         Maher Wissa, Chair                                                       Anna Weskerna, Secretary


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