October 26, 2005 11:00 a.m. Physical Plant Conference Room


Council Members


Present: Daniel P. Ames, Britton Blauer, Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Steve Chatterton, Kevin Cleveland, Denton Dance, Nancy Frank, Greg Horton, Lee Krehbiel, Matthew Lewis, Jack Newsome, Alba Perez, Ken Prolo, Rene Rodriquez, Sharon Sieber, Dennis Toney, Maher Wissa


Excused: Denise Bowen, Kevin Parker, Bill Stanton

Absent: Kevin Helgeson, Tony Martin, Joseph Steiner, Tim Shurtliff


Meeting called to order by Chair, Maher Wissa.


I.                    Preliminaries


A.                 Announcements: Introduction of Jack Newsome, Education Faculty Representative.

B.                 Approval of September 28, 2005, Minutes:


MOTION by Toney to approve minutes as written; seconded by Cleveland; motion carried.


II. Activity Reports

A. Executive Committee: Maher Wissa discussed a new understanding of the Council and how to get each member to provide input, as we want to keep the Council active. He noted, as per the Council Bylaws, Chapter One, Item B, the Council is charged to cover the following concerns: 1) Space utilization; 2) land use planning; 3) campus beautification; 4) planning and parking; 5) energy conservation; 6) naming and using of facilities; and 7) new construction. We need to fit the subcommittees to cover the charge of the Council. Wissa discussed a proposal and provided a copy to each member for submitting issues to be discussed by the Council. Scott Campbell commented that, by bringing planning issues to the Council from the representatives= constituents, we can assign issues to subcommittees who can spend the time needed to investigate and recommend action on the issues, as there is just not enough time for the Council to review issues in depth with meeting only an hour once a month. This will provide more input by members and more action on issues. Wissa discussed a flow chart of how information starts: member input Campus Planning Council assignment to subcommittee subcommittee action Council approval or disapproval Faculty Senate University President for approval University community back to member input if needed.


MOTION by Rene Rodriguez to approve the plan as presented and publish the information to encourage more people to take part. Seconded by Nancy Frank and Sharon Sieber. Discussion. Ken Prolo commented that the naming committee needs to be handled differently as it is not open to outside persons other than those established in the University handbook. The process of naming does not go to Faculty Senate for approval, but to the Planning Council, back to the Naming Committee and to the University President. It was agreed to have Nancy Frank present the Council subcommittees and naming issue to the Faculty Senate. Motion on hold at this time.


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B.                 Site Development / Circulation & Parking: Scott Campbell reported the committee has not met as yet. They will be meeting next month and discuss Away finding@ issues and the

Campus Master Plan. Darrell Buffaloe commented to Matthew Lewis that ISU needs to work closely with the City on Away finding.@ Campbell also reported that the New Athletic Facility Master Plan group will be meeting on November 2.


C.                 Facilities Development and Capital Construction: Denton Dance reported: 1) the Rendezvous Project is on schedule with the Fall 2007 opening; 2) the Performing Arts Center audio visual contract is to be completed in March 2006; 3) the new Aquatic Center is in final review and should be out this coming Friday; 4) the new heating plant boiler project is 95% complete; 5) Frazier Hall 3rd Floor Renovation and College of Education Auditorium Renovation are in the schematic design phase; 6) the Trade & Technology Building sidewalks should be complete in about three weeks; and 7) the campus handrail project should be complete this coming Friday.


Nancy Frank commented the Faculty Senate is asking for a clarification on plans for the

meeting rooms in the Rendezvous Building. Darrell Buffaloe stated the top floor of the

building will not be completed in this project, because the State postponed the project for a

year with no budget increase and the bids on the project were higher than originally estimated.

The floor plans will be developed in-house as needed. Maher Wissa asked if a plan of the

rooms is available. Denton Dance commented that the Physical Plant project manager, Cheryl

Hanson, could probably provide the plans. Britton Blauer, ASISU representative, stated the

Student Senate is asking about what is going on with the Rendezvous Project. Darrell

Buffaloe stated he would be glad to make a presentation to the Student Senate.


D.                 Facilities Access: Toney reported the committee has met and the following are items that were discussed: 1) The handicap entrance at the back of Colonial Hall is often locked during the day. Buffaloe asked Toney to send the Physical Plant a note on the issue. 2) Concern for removal of the crosswalk between the Student Health Center and the Student Union Building. 3) There is a concern that the five handicap parking spaces across from the Education Building are not being used and the regulations indicate there should be eight handicap parking spaces. It was agreed to wait until during the winter months to see if the spaces are used and if they need to add three more spaces. Buffaloe asked Toney to let him know if more spaces are needed. 4) When it snows, we need to make sure the snow removal process does not hamper the handicap van access. 5) At Holt Arena the handicap access space is on the north side of the building. If someone needs to get to the south side, the athletes will not let the person go across the turf. Toney commented he is meeting with Athletics on the issue. 6) The new regulations indicate that all access doors have power doors. He noted this has been an issue on campus, especially at the Biology Building. Toney will provide Buffaloe a copy of the regulations. The committee will review the regulations and report at the next meeting.


E. Space Management: Maher Wissa suggested to change the committee name to ASpace Utilization Management.@ Scott Campbell commented he thinks the name change should reflect the actual function, which is space management. He stated he is currently gathering

information on reassigning and redesigning the classroom space that will be vacated when about 420 classes are moved to the Rendezvous Building. He noted much of the redesigning will be determined by funding available. Note: A chair is needed for this committee.


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F. Energy and Water Conservation: Maher Wissa suggested that Darrell Buffaloe be chair of the committee as the bylaws state the chair is the ADirector of Maintenance and Operations.@ Buffaloe commented they have received two requests for the mini grant funding.


MOTION by Rene Rodriquez to change the bylaws in that the chair of the energy committee will be the ADirector of Physical Plant.@ Seconded. Motion carried.


G. Historic Preservation: Chair Sieber reported the committee has not met as yet. They will be meeting in December and want to prepare preservation guidelines before the new university president begins.


H. Facilities Naming: No report.


III. Old Business

A. GIS Map for Campus: Wissa reported that last spring semester they had one of their Geomatics students complete a pilot GIS project of the Campus Quad Trees as his Senior Surveying Project. They still have many other activities to complete for the GIS map. He commented they are looking at three years to complete the GIS map. (Wissa presented a pamphlet prepared by the students on the GIS map of the campus trees.)


B. Extension of Red Hill Trail Project: No report.


IV. New Business:

A. Designating distance from non-smoking entrances of campus buildings: Discussion by Darrell Buffaloe of the issue brought to his attention for designating a distance from building entrances for non-smoking. It was noted there have been complaints from campus areas such as the Education and Administration buildings and also at the University Place in Idaho Falls. Chair Maher Wissa asked the Council members to think of possible solutions and we will discuss the issue at the next meeting.


V. Next meeting: November 30, 2005 Council agreed to not have a meeting in December 2005.



ADJOURNMENT at 12:05 p.m.



________________________________ ________________________________

Maher Wissa, Chair Anna Weskerna, Secretary











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