September 28, 2005     11:00 a.m.                                                                         Student Union Clearwater Room


Council Members


Present:            Daniel P. Ames, Britton Blauer, Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Steve Chatterton, Kevin Cleveland, Denton Dance, Nancy Devine, Nancy Frank, Kevin Helgeson, Greg Horton,  Josh Pak, Kevin Parker, Alba Perez, Ken Prolo, Rene Rodriquez, Sharon Sieber, Bill Stanton, Joe Steiner, Dennis Toney, Maher Wissa


Excused:           Lee Krehbiel, Tony Martin


Meeting called to order by Chair, Maher Wissa.


I.                    Preliminaries


A.                 Welcome of new members:   Introduction of all Council members.

B.                 Announcements: 1)  Maher Wissa discussed his attendance at the meeting for the selection committee of the new University President.  He commented he would like someone with experience in campus master planning and a commitment to the Campus Master Plan.   2) Wissa noted an article in the News & Notes about the dedication of the Tau Beta Pi ABent@ Monument located by the Engineering Building, which the Planning Council had approved at their October 6, 2004, meeting.

C.                 Approval of April 28, 2005, Minutes:


MOTION by Stanton to approve minutes as written; seconded; motion carried.


II.      Activity Reports

A.        Executive Committee: 1) Campus Planning Council interview of the University President finalists: Wissa stated the candidates will be here in January 2006 and he believes the Council should have a voice in the selection.  Rodriguez suggested the candidates meet with the Council.  Wissa asked the Council members to email him, prior to next month=s meeting, any questions they would like asked of the candidates so we can establish guidelines prior to the candidate meeting.    He noted we may have to call a special meeting of the Council when the candidates are on campus.   Stanton noted if the candidates cannot meet with the Council, there will probably be a general meeting where the questions can be presented.


MOTION by Rodriguez to request a meeting with the President finalists and the Council will develop a checklist of items for discussion and Campbell will provide the Campus Master Plan.  If the Council cannot have a special meeting, members can attend the general meeting.  Seconded; motion carried.


2)  Review of subcommittees: Wissa expressed appreciation for Council members= participation in the subcommittees and encouraged the new members to take part.  He asked the committees to use the reporting form provided in reporting to the Council of their meetings.  Campbell discussed the purpose and description of each subcommittee.


B.                 Site Development:    Campbell, Chair of the subcommittee, reported:    1) The contract has been finalized with consultants from Denver for the Athletic Facility Master Plan, and should


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have the final report by May 2006.  He commented if anyone has any input on the facility to let him know.  2) The Rendezvous project is on schedule to be completed August 2007.  He noted space in the facility will need to be defined, such as classrooms, labs and special needs.  3) A new road from the Performing Arts Center to Barton Road is being planned.


If anyone is interested,  contact Scott Campbell on how to access the Campus Master Plan on the ISU website.    Campbell also noted he has a master plan for the Idaho Falls campus.  It is about five years old, but still a good document and meeting the needs and will be updated at some point.    He commented that master plans are really only wish-lists and can only be accomplished as funding becomes available. 


C.                 Facilities Development and Capital Construction:    Denton Dance, Sr Architect for the Physical Plant, is now Chair of the committee (replacing Darin Dehle).  He reported: 1) The Rendezvous project is on schedule, maybe ahead of schedule, and should be completed the summer of 2007;  2) The Performing Arts Center audio visual is under construction and should be completed in the spring;  3) T & T sidewalk repair project is 25% complete; 4) the RFP to select an architect is in process for the new aquatic center to be located east of Reed Gym; 5) upgrading the campus handrails to code compliance is way behind schedule due to legal issues with the contractor; 6) installation of a new boiler in the heating plant is near completion; 7) renovations of the Frazier Hall speech lab and the Education Building auditorium are in pre-design stage.  Stanton asked if there are any plans to upgrade the paint and carpet in Frazier Hall.    Dance responded there are no plans at this point.   Campbell noted there is an on-going struggle for funding and the deferred maintenance expense is in the millions of dollars. 


Ideal Classroom Design:  Nancy Devine asked if there have been any progress on developing the ideal classrooms for the Teaching & Leaning program.   Dance commented some data has been collected but more data is needed.  Campbell noted there is a space use and utilization committee that meets every Wednesday morning at the Physical Plant to help assign the classrooms.  Devine stated there is a link to the ideal classroom report on the ISU website under the Center for Teaching & Learning.   Campbell suggested a member of the space use and  utilization committee attend the Council for Teaching & Leaning meetings.  Devine will let Campbell know of the next meeting of the Council.


D.                 Facilities Access:   Toney reported the committee will be meeting in October.  He noted there is a Abarrier removal@ report form on the ISU website to report any problems.


E.         Space Management:   No chair selected as yet.    Campbell noted he has received some information on the use of classroom space and the space is not used well.


F.        Energy and Water Conservation:    Josh Pak commented he is no longer a member of the Council as his term has ended, but he will remain as Chair of the committee until another Chair is appointed, and he would like to remain on the committee.  He encouraged Council members to be a part of the energy and conservation committee.   Pak reported that information on the mini-grant program has been distributed for persons to apply for the grant funds.  The maximum amount to be awarded to any individual or department is $2,000.  He noted the ISU Physical Plant has donated $3,000 for the mini-grant plan.  Pak discussed the efforts to broaden the energy conservation practice and awareness at Idaho State University.


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G.        Historic Preservation:   Chair Sieber reported they are working on items from the last report.  The committee will have a meeting once a new list of members is provided.


H.       Facilities Naming:    No report.    Wissa discussed the  recent dedication and renaming of the Frazier Hall theatre to the AChick and Diane Bilyeu Theatre.@             


III.      Old Business

A.        GIS Map for Campus:   Wissa reported they have students working on the GIS map and need more students to help.  They have completed the trees on the map and still have many activities to complete.


B.         Long-Range Facilities Development Plan:   1) WebCT Program: Campbell reported he is in the process of posting information to the program.  He provided a computer presentation on how to access and view the information.  All Council members will have access to the WebCT, located under the title CPC 101, and he encouraged members to use the program.    Our goal is to put everything regarding the Council activities on the WebCT, and to have active feedback and communication between members on the program.


2)  Teleconferencing to Outreach Centers and Visits:   Campbell stated he is still working on the process to allow members from the outreach areas to participate in the Council activities.


IV.       New Business:  

A.        Election of Chair and Vice Chair for 2005-2006:  


Chair: Nomination of Maher Wissa by Stanton.  Seconded; nomination carried.

Vice Chair: Nomination of Bill Stanton by Sieber.  Seconded; nomination carried.


B.        Revision of Bylaws to allow members to continue on the Council for another term without a year lapse.


MOTION:  Motion by Sharon Sieber to revise the Council Bylaws (Ref: Council Bylaws, Chapter Two, Item B.1.) to read Aa faculty representative may be reappointed to the Council.@  Seconded by Buffaloe.  Motion carried.


V.      Next meeting:    October 26, 2005    Location to be determined as there is no space available in the Student Union due to the health fair.



ADJOURNMENT at 12:10 p.m.



________________________________                   ________________________________

         Maher Wissa, Chair                                                       Anna Weskerna, Secretary





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