April 29, 2005     11:00 a.m.                                                                Student Union Clearwater Room


Council Members


Present:            Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Steve Chatterton, Nancy, Devine, Nancy Frank, Greg Horton, Tony Martin, Josh Pak, Kevin Parker, Ken Prolo, Roger Rankin, Fred Risinger, Sharon Sieber, Bill Stanton, Dennis Toney, Maher Wissa


Excused:           Darin Dehle, Joe Steiner


Guest:               Michelle Pak, Pocatello Historic Preservation Commission


Meeting called to order by Chair, Maher Wissa.


I.                    Preliminaries

A.                 Announcements:   1)  Darin Dehle, Physical Plant Architect, will be leaving the University.  He has accepted a position at the University of Oregon.  2) Introduction of Nancy Devine, Faculty Senate Representative for the Council for Teaching and Learning, and Michelle Pak, Pocatello Historic Preservation Commission.


B.                 Approval of March 29, 2005, Minutes: 


MOTION by Naftzger to approve minutes as written; seconded by Rankin; motion carried.


II.      Activity Reports

A.        Executive Committee:   Wissa reported there is no update at this time.


B.                 Site Development:    Campbell, Chair of the subcommittee, reported he is writing the first design principle on pedestrian access.  He will put the information on the WebCT.  He encouraged Council members to visit the WebCT program.  Let him know (ext. 4229) if you have any difficulties accessing the program.  He would like to have all reports posted on the WebCT program.


C.                 Facilities Development and Capital Construction:   Dehle not in attendance.   Stanton commented he has not been notified of any meetings by the committee. Tabled until next meeting.


D.                 Facilities Access:   Toney reported at their committee has not met since the last meeting.  No update.


E.                  Circulation and Parking:    Chair Roger Rankin reported the committee has not met.  This is his last year on the Council so a new chair will need to be appointed. 


MOTION by Scott Campbell to combine the Circulation and Parking subcommittee with the Site Development subcommittee.  Motion seconded by Tony Martin.  Motion carried.


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F.         Space Management:    Subcommittee has not met as yet.   No chair appointed.  Campbell noted we will focus more on this subcommittee next fall. 


G.        Energy and Water Conservation:    1)  Chair Josh Pak reported that Darrell Buffaloe has donated $3,000 from the physical plant budget for the mini-grant plan.  It is anticipated to implement the plan in the fall 2005.  The purpose of the plan is to broaden the energy conservation practice and awareness at Idaho State University.  The maximum amount awarded to an individual or department is $2,000.    Pak noted that this is his last year as a member of the Council, but would remain on the committee.  Buffaloe will monitor the committee.  It was suggested to put the mini-grant information on the Web CT. 


MOTION by Sieber to approve the Energy Conservation Mini-Grant Program; seconded; motion carried.


2)  Buffaloe reported he is trying to do the energy performance contract for Idaho Falls under the current contract.  Requested to keep the item on the agenda.


H.        Historic Preservation:   Chair Sieber distributed minutes from the subcommittee meeting of April 14, 2005, which included a draft of the committee goals.  They are trying to identify priorities, get more members on the committee, and identify grants available. 


MOTION by Buffaloe to approve goals established; seconded by Martin; motion carried.   


I.                    Facilities Naming:   Prolo discussed two items from an April 2005 meeting of the naming committee:


1) Dr. Larry Harris, Dean of the College of Education, has requested Building #61 (currently Consumer Economics HEVTE) be renamed Albion Hall, in recognition of the Albion Normal School.  Buffaloe discussed the history of the Albion Normal School and encouraged support of the request. 


MOTION by Prolo to rename Building #61 from Consumer Economics to Albion Hall.  Second by Buffaloe.  Motion carried.


2) Discussion of a request by the campus Hispanic organizations to name the entrance of the Student Union, by the SUB theater off Cesar Chavez Avenue, as Cesar Chavez Entrance (with the name painted above the entrance) to recognize the Hispanic students.  


MOTION by Naftzger to name the Student Union entrance, by the theater, as Cesar Chavez Entrance.  Second by Prolo.   Prolo commented he recommends and supports naming the entrance, but not the foyer.  Motion carried, with two opposing.   Prolo stated he would respond to the Hispanic Task Force and President Bowen with the Planning Council recommendation. 




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IV.      Old Business

A.        GIS Map for Campus:   Wissa reported they have a student working on the project.


B.         Long-Range Facilities Development Plan:   1) WebCT Program:   Item tabled until fall meeting.                                       


2)  Teleconferencing to Outreach Centers and Visits:   Tabled until the fall meeting.


C.        Red Hill Trail Project:   Darrell Buffaloe commented the Greenway Foundation asked for a cash donation, which the University could not do.  Scott Campbell will help on the trail project.  Dennis Toney expressed a concern for ADA accessibility to the trail.  Item tabled until the fall meeting.


V.       New Business:  


A.        Presentation by Michelle Pak on Historic Resources in Pocatello.  She provided brochures and an overview of the current Pocatello buildings on the National Historic Registry and the Pocatello Downtown Historic District.  Buffaloe stressed the importance of keeping the history and his appreciation for the Pocatello Historic Preservation Commission. 


B.         Election of officers: Since there will be a large number of new members in the fall, the election of officers was postponed until the fall meeting.  Chair Maher Wissa will chair the first fall meeting. 


VI.      Next meeting:    September 2005     Date/time/location to be determined.


Chair Maher Wissa thanked the Council for their participation this past year. 


ADJOURNMENT at 11:55 a.m.



________________________________                   ________________________________

         Maher Wissa, Chair                                                       Anna Weskerna, Secretary










Approved by Faculty Senate on October 17, 2005