March 29, 2005     11:00 a.m.                                      Student Union Clearwater Room


Council Members

Present:            Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Steve Chatterton, Nancy Frank, Ryan Leavitt, Matthew Lewis, Tony Martin, Ernie Naftzger, Kevin Parker, Fred Risinger, Tim Shurtliff, Sharon Sieber, Bill Stanton, Joe Steiner, Dennis Toney, Kent Whitaker, Maher Wissa


Excused:           Darin Dehle, Greg Horton, Josh Pak, Ken Prolo, Roger Rankin


Meeting called to order by Chair, Maher Wissa.


1.                  Preliminaries

1.                  Announcements:   1) Nancy Frank noted there are about six persons from the Idaho Falls campus interested in being on the Council.  The Faculty Senate plans to choose one person, with one alternate if needed, to attend the Council monthly meetings.  She asked if there should be a sub-group in Idaho Falls.  Scott Campbell stated there is already an oversight committee in Idaho Falls, whereas the IF repre- sentative could be a liaison between the oversight committee and the Planning Council.   2) Maher Wissa reported that Nancy Devine, Faculty Senate represen- tative for the Council for Teaching and Learning, will be working on the ideal classroom design, as discussed in previous meetings.  (Report as per memo dated March 1, 2005, from Faculty Senate Chair Peter Vik to Planning Council Chair Maher Wissa.)  Stanton noted that he has attended a workshop on this subject and gave Denise Bowen copies of the information as it would be very helpful.  Chair Maher Wissa asked to have Nancy Devine attend the Council meetings, which the Council members agreed.


2.                  Approval of February 22, 2005, Minutes:


MOTION by Naftzger to approve minutes as written; seconded; motion carried.


II.      Activity Reports

A.        Executive Committee:   Wissa reported there is no update at this time.


3.                  Site Development:    Campbell, Chair of the subcommittee, reported the committee has not finalized a goal statement as yet.  He encouraged Council members to visit the WebCT program.  Let him know (ext. 4229) if you have any difficulties accessing the program. 


4.                  Facilities Development and Capital Construction:   Dehle not in attendance.  Tabled until next meeting.


5.                  Facilities Access:   Toney reported at their committee meeting they discussed tools to measure pull weight on doors and the angle of ramps.  He noted they are receiving complaints of non-disabled persons using the handicapped restrooms.



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Toney also discussed an incident in which a power wheelchair  broke down and neither  the ADA office nor Public Safety knew how to help, so they will be researching how to handle future incidents.    Discussion.  Naftzger commented we meet the required ADA  rules and codes, but for specific needs above that we can only address issues on a case-by-case basis and try to serve the campus as best possible.     


6.                  Circulation and Parking:    Chair Roger Rankin not in attendance.   Item tabled.


F.         Space Management:    Subcommittee has not met as yet.   No report.


G.        Energy and Water Conservation:    Chair Josh Pak not in attendance.  Buffaloe discussed the committee report (copies distributed to Council members).   The committee objectives include: 1) Performance Contract; 2) Water & Energy Conservation Measure, and 3) Public Awareness and Education.


H.        Historic Preservation:   Chair Sieber reported the committee has not met as yet.  The committee will be identifying  what needs to be preserved, grants available, and how to proceed.  They will probably meet within the week.


1.                  Facilities Naming:   Prolo not in attendance.  Naftzger noted they are looking at 8th Street entrance area of the Student Union and some College of Education proposals.  


IV.      Old Business

A.        GIS Map for Campus:   Wissa reported they now have a student working with Mike Stallsmith, Physical Plant, on locating trees and the project is progressing well.  He noted GIS is becoming more and more important around the country.  The City of Pocatello and Bannock County are also putting together a GIS program which will coordinate with ISU=s program.    It was agreed to put the GIS Map program under the Site Development sub-committee.


B.         Long-Range Facilities Development Plan:   1) WebCT Program:   Campbell discussed the WebCT program.  He noted the Development Plan and Power Point presentation are on the Web CT program.  Members will need to download the web viewer to look at the drawings.  He will eventually use .pdf format which will be much easier.  The user should also get the animation which describes the slides.  Viewers can email comments to Campbell on the program, and they can see comments by other viewers.    His hope is to eventually get all the minutes, agendas, reports, presentations, and any other information regarding the Planning Council on the WebCT program, whereas if a member misses a meeting or needs to review past information it will be easily accessible on the WebCT program.    Campbell will do a presentation at the next meeting on accessing the WebCT program.


Campbell commented the classroom reclamation project will need to be addressed next fall, which will include preparing a plan on what to do with the 50 classrooms vacated by the move to the new Rendezvous Building.  He will be asking Council


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members to help write grants to help fund the reclamation.  He commented we have to think a year in advance to keep grant monies coming in. 


2)  Teleconferencing to Outreach Centers and Visits:   Campbell again noted the teleconferencing may not occur  until fall.   Discussion on teleconferencing.  Wissa commented teleconferencing is ideal for interacting with persons around Idaho.  Campbell noted the Library teleconferencing center is a real challenge and not good for interaction. Wissa noted the College of Technology has a good room, but Frank commented we shouldn=t take away from other student teleconferences.   It was suggested to maybe do telephone conferencing.  Chatterton noted they do teleconferencing of parking meetings in Idaho Falls.  Campbell stated he would investigate which would be the best way to go.    Item tabled until fall meeting.


C.        Red Hill Trail Project:   Leavitt reported that Dan Smith, representative from the Portneuf Greenway Foundation that presented the trail project at the last Council meeting, attended the Student Senate meeting last night for 1) approval and support and 2) funding.  He stated there was a heated debate as student funding is really short.  The Senate agreed to give 1/10 up to $2,000 of what the ISU Administration agrees to give the Foundation.   The next step will be for the Foundation to meet with the ISU Administration.    Naftzger asked Leavitt if they discussed any student projects for fund raising.  Leavitt noted there was some discussion and it is up to the various student clubs as to what they want to provide. 

V.       New Business:    No new business presented. 


VI.      Next meeting:    September 2005     Date/time/location to be determined.



ADJOURNMENT at 11:55 a.m.



________________________________                   ________________________________

         Maher Wissa, Chair                                                       Anna Weskerna, Secretary

















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