February 22, 2005     11:00 a.m.                                                         Student Union North Fork Room


Council Members


Present:            Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Steve Chatterton, Nancy Frank, Greg Horton, Ryan Leavitt, Matthew Lewis, Tony Martin, Ernie Naftzger, Josh Pak, Ken Prolo, Roger Rankin, Fred Risinger, Sharon Sieber, Bill Stanton, Joe Steiner, Dennis Toney, Kent Whitaker, Maher Wissa


Excused:           Darin Dehle, Kevin Parker, Tim Shurtliff


Guest:               Dan Smith, representing the Portneuf Greenway Foundation


Meeting called to order by Chair, Maher Wissa.


1.                  Preliminaries

1.                  Announcements:   1)   Introduction of Dan Smith from Simplot.  2) Nancy Frank asked if she should be on the Facilities Development subcommittee, since she is replacing Denise Bowen who is sabbatical and a member of the subcommittee.  Maher responded Ayes.@   3)  Frank asked whom Faculty Senate could speak with about having space in the Rendezvous Building.  Buffaloe responded they should speak with Darin Dehle, Physical Plant Architect. 


2.                  Approval of January 25, 2005, Minutes:


MOTION by Leavitt to approve minutes as written; seconded; motion carried.


II.      Activity Reports

A.        Executive Committee:

1.  Aesthetics of ISU/City for future development:   Campbell discussed issue of interface between the City and the campus, and current amenities surrounding the campus in relation to the City.   Discussion.  Stanton commented there is a need for more places for students to congregate, shop, eat, etc. to provide more of a college feel outside the campus, and for attracting new students, employment opportunities, and campus personnel.  Maher suggested the University get more active with the City and establish a master plan.  Prolo commented we need to be more involved in zoning hearings at the City.  Matthew Lewis, City of Pocatello, stated the underlying zone definitely makes a difference, and currently the City is focusing on the South 4th and 5th street corridor.    It was agreed to have the Site Development subcommittee review the issue and discuss the current zones and usage plans surrounding the campus. 


2.  Council tour of Stephens Performing Arts Center:   Sieber requested arrangements be made for interested Council members to tour the Stephens Performing Arts Center from noon to 1:00 p.m. following the March 29 meeting.   Buffaloe offered to arrange the bus transportation.  Let Weskerna know if you are interested in taking the tour.



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3.                  Site Development:    Campbell, Chair of the subcommittee, provided a handout on topics and layout of the subcommittee.  Their main discussion will focus on how people want the campus to develop.  He foresees their goals to be making presentations to the Council when needed for review and defining design principles.


He asked the other subcommittees to prepare a similar chart of their role, goals and layout.   Also, he would like to meet with each subcommittee at some point, and he would be glad to help prepare the charts if needed.


4.                  Facilities Development and Capital Construction:   Dehle not in attendance.  Tabled until next meeting.


5.                  Facilities Access:   Toney reported the subcommittee will be meeting next week.  They do have a safety issue expressed by students with walking difficulties and in wheelchairs who are having problems crossing between the College of Technology and Garrison as vehicles are not stopping.  Campbell noted it is a City issue and he would need to contact Dennis Ray, City Engineer. 


6.                  Circulation and Parking:    Subcommittee will be meeting with Campbell.


F.         Space Management:    Subcommittee has not met as yet.   No report.


G.        Energy and Water Conservation:    Chair Josh Pak stated his committee has not met as yet.  They will be meeting Tuesday, before the Council=s next meeting.  Issues they will be discussing include:

1.  Establishing a mini-grant program.

2.  Energy contract for the Idaho Falls campus.  Horton commented he has already met with Chevron Texaco regarding the performance contract, and will get with Pak to discuss the information.


H.        Facilities Naming:   Prolo commented the Facilities Naming group has only met on one request.  Nothing to report at this time.


IV.      Old Business

A.        GIS Map for Campus:   Wissa reported that currently there are no students to work on the project at this time.


B.         Long-Range Facilities Development Plan:   Campbell reported he is working on the WebCT program and will have Power Point and CAD drawings available for review.  All the names of the Council members have been provided to WebCT so everyone should have access.  If you do not, please contact Campbell.  


C.        Teleconferencing to Outreach Centers and Visits:   Campbell commented he has not had time to work on this issue.  There have not been any outreach personnel appointed to the Council at this time, so it may be next fall before teleconferencing can be established.



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V.       New Business:

A.        Red Hill Trail Project:   Dan Smith, from Simplot=s and a volunteer with the Portneuf Greenway Foundation, discussed a request to extend the Greenway Trail behind the Mountain View Cemetery and onto the campus, up Red Hill along the hillside.  (He provided two maps of the proposed trail and alternative routes.)  Their goal is to have non-motorized trails through the valley from the Portneuf Gap to Simplots. The proposed trail would be 10 ft to 12 ft wide and allow

unimpeded access to the campus.  They are estimating the project to be $15,000 to

$20,000, of which the Greenway Foundation has promised $5,000, and they are

looking for support from the University.  Campbell noted a more definite cost

would not be known until they actually get into the project as other issues may

need to be addressed.  The trail would be made of crushed aggregate roadbase and

compacted so it should last for many     years.   There would be some long-term

maintenance of the trail needed by the University.  Discussion by the Council.  Campbell commented that ISU has equipment and some materials to help build the trail and probably some  volunteer groups that could help with the building as well as keeping  it clean.  Prolo expressed a concern regarding the University=s liability with persons using the trail.  Smith stated since the trail is for recreational use and has no monetary gain, the property owner is not liable.   Their legal department thoroughly reviewed the liability issue before opening trails for public use.   Pak asked how the project would impact the ISU Master Plan.  Campbell noted the trail proposal would not conflict with any items on the current Master Plan.   Maher offered to have his students help with the project design if the GPS signal works.    Leavitt, ASISU rep, commented he can check on possible student funding for the project and volunteer help.  


MOTION by Sieber to continue with the Greenway project as proposed, pending approval of funding.  Seconded.  Discussion.   Prolo commented he would like to review whether the request needs to be presented to the State Board for approval and his concern for liability and if easements are an issue.   Smith noted that easements should not be an issue.   Motion carried.


B.        Preserving History of Campus Buildings:   Sieber discussed a concern she received from members of the community about historical items on campus not being preserved.   A subcommittee was assigned, with Sieber as Chair, to review this issue.  Subcommittee members as of this date include: Sharon Sieber, Chair; Anthony Martin; and Maher Wissa.  Please let Sieber know if you would like to be on the subcommittee. 


VI.      Next meeting:   March 29, 2005   Student Union Clearwater Room


ADJOURNMENT at 12:01 p.m.



________________________________                   ________________________________

         Maher Wissa, Chair                                                       Anna Weskerna, Secretary



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