January 25, 2005     11:00 a.m.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Student Union North Fork Room


Council Members


Present:            Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Steve Chatterton, Darin Dehle, Nancy Frank, Greg Horton, Ryan Leavitt, Tony Martin, Josh Pak, Fred Risinger, Tim Shurtliff,  Joe Steiner, Dennis Toney, Kent Whitaker, Maher Wissa


NOTE:             Nancy Frank is replacing Denise Bowen (who is on sabbatical leave) as Faculty Senate Rep; Kevin Parker is replacing Tom Ottaway as Business Faculty Rep.


Excused:           Ernie Naftzger, Ken Prolo, Sharon Sieber


Unexcused:       Mary Hofle, Roger Rankin, Bill Stanton


Meeting called to order by Chair, Maher Wissa.


I.          Preliminaries

A.        Approval of December 1, 2004, Minutes:


MOTION by Martin to approve minutes as written; seconded; motion carried.


II.      Activity Reports

            A.        Executive Committee: 1)   Introduction of new members.  2)  Wissa read the change to the bylaws for addition of new members, Chapter Two – Membership, Selection, and Recall,  as approved by the Council and Faculty Senate:


                        19) Past Chair of Campus Planning Council (one year appointment)

                                20) Outreach Faculty as appointed by Faculty Senate (may be more than one appointee)

                                21) Facility Manager for Idaho Falls University Place Campus (ex-officio, non-voting)

                                22) City of Pocatello Planning and Development representative (ex-officio, non-voting)

                        23) Bannock County Planning and Development representative (ex-officio, non-voting)


The bylaw change was approved by Faculty Senate at their January 24, 2005, meeting.   3)  Campbell is pursuing the possibility of teleconferencing the Council meetings for the outreach centers to participate.  4) Campbell is working on scheduling a visit by the Executive Committee to the outreach centers. 


B.         Site Development:   Tim Shurtliff, Bannock County, accepted nomination as a member of the subcommittee. Members to date include Scott Campbell, Kent Whitaker, Maher Wissa, and Tim Shurtliff.  They will meet and select a chair.


C.        Facilities Development and Capital Construction: Chair Darin Dehle stated the committee has not met as yet this semester.    He provided an update on current projects: 1) Performing Arts Center is reaching completion.  In final stages of the concert hall.  Scheduled to be completed about February 21, 2005.   Buffaloe commented the Governor is scheduled to be here for the April 1 venue.   2) Will be raising steel on classroom building next week at the  Rendezvous project.  3) A handrail project is currently underway which replaces handrails in stairwells

                         around campus. 



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D.        Facilities Access:   Chair Dennis Toney commented the committee has not met as yet this semester.   He discussed a concern in the growing number of students who are unable to use the desks in the classrooms.  Buffaloe stated the Physical Plant would take care of requests, as best possible on a case by case basis, for tables and chairs for persons who cannot use the desks.


E.         Circulation and Parking:   (Chair Roger Rankin not in attendance.)  Campbell reported the committee has not met as yet.   Frank and Wissa discussed problems regarding lack of parking and vehicles blocking other vehicles in the College of Technology R8 lot during evening classes when there is a game in Reed Gym.  Chatterton commented there is a shuttle provided by Athletics that runs between Holt Arena and the Gym during games and anyone can ride the shuttle.  He said it would cost more to have officers direct traffic for the Gym events.   Leavitt asked if there are any plans to make the Holt Arena parking lot all free parking.  Chatterton commented there is currently reduced parking on one side as well as the free parking on the other side.  He stated it would need to be presented by someone to the Parking Board.


            F.         Space Management:   Acting Chair Buffaloe reported the committee has not met as yet.


F.         Energy and Water Conservation:    Chair Josh Pak stated his committee is trying to set a meeting date.    Buffaloe discussed the proposed hydrogen project which is still progressing.  He provided an explanation of the project, in which there would be 11 windmills on the east Pocatello hills to produce electricity to change water, mostly from that disposed of by AMI, into hydrogen.  The hydrogen would be piped to the campus heating plant which would eliminate the use of gas and coal.  There would also be a service station to provide hydrogen to cars and buses, which the city and county could use as well.  He commented the hope is to completely eliminate the use of fossil fuels on campus.   


G.        Facilities Naming:   (Ken Prolo not in attendance.)  Wissa commented will table this item until Prolo is in attendance.


IV.      Old Business

            A.        GIS Map for Campus:   Wissa reported the students and intern have completed another task.  He again recommended a permanent employee be hired for this work to provide continuity for the project and the department.  Campbell commented he is trying to provide a map that can be used throughout campus.  The map continues to get more accurate and complete as the tasks are finished.  He does not foresee funding for a permanent position at this time , so they will need to proceed using students and interns as available.


            B.         Long-Range Facilities Development Plan:   Campbell discussed his proposal to provide a user-friendly Web CT where Council members could review the Council information and email comments/suggestions back and forth.  He provided slides of a Power Point presentation to indicate how the information  could be placed on the Web CT and reviewed and discussed by the Council members before the


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monthly meetings.  The Web could include items such as subcommittee reports, maps, topics for review, meeting minutes and agendas, and discussions.   The information would be continually updated and the Power Point presentations could be reviewed in color with narrations.  The Web CT would be much better than paper copies provided at the meetings.  He commented, with only one hour a month in the Council meetings, the projects cannot be presented as well as they should and the Web CT would provide much better interaction and communication among the Council members and help eliminate some time in discussion at the monthly meetings.  It would also be a good tool for new members to review past information.  He stated that part of the Council members’ responsibilities are to provide education to other members in their departments about campus planning issues and the Web CT would be an excellent tool for that.   The Web CT could eliminate keeping a file on the Council proceedings as it would provide a history of the information.   Discussion.   Frank asked if the program could alert the viewers when changes were added for review or action.   Campbell commented that is a good idea and will check into the capability.    


                        MOTION by Pak that Scott Campbell pursue the Web CT proposal.  Seconded.                    Motion carried.


V.       New Business:

A.        Subcommittee for Outreach Centers:   Campbell noted we want to be actively engaged with the outreach centers.  They would also have the Web CT capabilities.  He is working on meetings with the outreach centers.  Frank commented that Faculty Senate is also working with the outreach centers for contacts on the Planning Council.


VI.      Next meeting:   February 22, 2005   Student Union North Fork Room



ADJOURNMENT at 11:55 a.m.



________________________________                   ________________________________

         Maher Wissa, Chair                                                       Anna Weskerna, Secretary














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