October 27, 2004     11:00 a.m.                                                          Student Union North Fork Room


Council Members


Present:            Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Steve Chatterton, Darin Dehle, Tony Martin, Ernie Naftzger, Josh Pak, Roger Rankin, Fred Risinger, Sharon Sieber, Dennis Toney, Maher Wissa, Dawn Young


Excused:           Denise Bowen, Ken Prolo, Bill Stanton, Joe Steiner, Kent Whitaker; in process of                determining replacement for Tom Ottaway, Business Faculty Rep


Unexcused:       Mary Hofle


Meeting called to order by Chair, Maher Wissa.


1.                  Preliminaries

1.                  Approval of October 6, 2004, Minutes:


MOTION by Toney to approve minutes as written; seconded by Naftzger; motion carried.


II.       Master Plan Report by Scott Campbell

1.                  Facilities Development Plan:    Scott Campbell provided a PowerPoint presentation of the proposed campus circulation and pedestrian areas, such as the Memorial Walkway, Carter Walkway, Education Journey, Freedom Path, MLK Walkway, Cesar Chavez Walkway, Pioneer Trail from Carter Street to the Performing Arts Center, Red Hill Road Walkway and Path, Railroad Walkway among the trees and shrubs along South Fifth Street which has historical significance, a Veterans Walkway, and a Greenway Walkway connecting with the Pocatello Greenway.    Discussion on possible future closing of MLK.   Discussion on campus accessible ramps.  Wissa commented this circulation and pedestrian topic will be the responsibility of a subcommittee to review and make recommendations.


III.      Activity Reports

A.        Executive Committee:   Chair Wissa recommended a revitalization and reorganization of the Council subcommittees for a better flow of activities.  Each subcommittee will have their own organization for meetings, discussions and recommendations.  Each subcommittee will report to the Council for further discussions and recommendations to the Faculty Senate.  He encouraged participation from outside the Council B that the subcommittees invite other university members for input as we need to make sure we are paying attention to the needs and desires of the university community.   Wissa noted Facilities Naming will not be included as a subcommittee as it is headed by Ken Prolo with his own designees.  He explained the difference between the subcommittees of Site Development and Facilities Development.  Site Development will discuss exterior issues, such as land use, sports/recreation fields and landscaping. Facilities Development discusses buildings and interior issues.


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Sign up sheets for the six subcommittees were provided for members to indicate which subcommittee they would like to participate in.  Each subcommittee will need to chose a chair and determine meeting times and date.  Let Scott Campbell and Maher Wissa know the meeting times as they would like to attend the subcommittee meetings when possible.


2.                  Site Development: Campbell stated he is currently working on the narrative for the Campus Master Plan map (as discussed in the last meeting).   He noted that Greg Lanning, city planning office, indicated the City will include the ISU Master Plan on their agenda.   Buffaloe commented the Accreditation Team did review the Master Plan and ISU received high commendations for their work.  He noted the Faculty Senate Chair was at the final meeting and the Team had high remarks for the Planning Council.  It was agreed to keep this item on the agenda until Campbell completes the narrative, which may be around the end of December.  Item tabled until narrative is complete.


Buffaloe suggested inviting a member of the city planning office to attend the next meeting and possibly becoming a member of the Council. 


MOTION by Josh Pak to review the Campus Planning Council Bylaws as to whether city/county officials can become a voting member of the Council, or as ex-officio members.  Seconded by Buffaloe.  Motion carried.


3.                  Facilities Development and Capital Construction: Darin Dehle reported: 1) The Performing Arts Center concert hall and site development are still under construction.  The hall is scheduled to be complete in January, but the site (landscaping) may not be completed until later in the spring or summer.  2) Currently pouring concrete at Rendezvous project; then will put up retaining walls  and pour foundations and classroom slabs.  Will begin steel in December.  Scheduled to have the building enclosed by next fall; then will begin interior work.  3) Lots of work currently in progress under the Performance Contract.  The campus lighting is mostly complete; have been installing toilets with low-volume water units; improving air quality at the heating plant; and installing a generator system to allow the heat plant to be self-sufficient.  4) Bonding is in process for a new, enclosed swimming pool facility addition at Reed Gymnasium to be funded with ASISU funds.  Buffaloe commented the University is considering the purchase of the tennis/swim club facility located off campus above 19th Street and within walking distance from campus.  He may have more to report at the next meeting.  5) With the lease of the old Farm Bureau Building (now called the Continuing Education Building), they are currently moving education programs into the building.   And 6) the Idaho Falls property purchased from the University of Idaho becomes ISU property on November 5, 2004.  Buffaloe suggested including a member of the Idaho Falls campus on the Planning Council.  Wissa suggested to invite someone from the Idaho Falls facility to the next Council meeting.


4.                  Facilities Access:   No discussion


5.                  Circulation and Parking:   No discussion


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F.         Space Management:   No discussion.


6.                  Energy and Water Conservation:   Buffaloe discussed a proposal for hydrogen partnering with the INEEL.   ISU has asked for a $1 million grant from the DOE for an initial study of the proposal.  The program would include windmills in the Research Park area.   With the use of AMI water, which currently is a large volume that goes down the drain, ISU could create hydrogen that would be used to heat the campus and provide a service station for hydrogen vehicles.   He commented there are a lot of excited partners in this effort and ISU could become the first university to use hydrogen power.  Wissa suggested to review this issue as a subcommittee.


IV.      Old Business

A.        GIS Map for Campus

Maher Wissa reported they are continuing on the project.  No update at this time.


V.       New Business

A.        Campbell asked the Council if there were any other subjects that should be included in the Master Plan.   If so, please let him know.


Discussion on reclamation of space after move to the new Rendezvous Building.  Buffaloe commented it is projected that 50 classrooms will be vacated.  Will probably move both KISU-TV from the Education Building basement and the ISU radio station from  to the Mass Communications area of the Liberal Arts Building.  He asked the members to begin thinking of how they want the vacated areas to be changed and the suggestions are needed no later than April 1, 2006.   Dehle stated he could bring the floor plans to the next Council meeting for review.


VI.      Next meeting:   Wednesday, December 1, 2004    Student Union North Fork Room



ADJOURNMENT at 12:05 p.m.



________________________________                   ________________________________

         Maher Wissa, Chair                                                       Anna Weskerna, Secretary














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