March 23, 2004     4:00 p.m.                                                                Physical Plant Conference Room


Council Members

Present:            Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Mary Hofle, Mike Klein (for Jacob Clawson), Tony Martin, Ken Prolo, Fred Risinger, Joe Steiner, Peter Vik, Maher Wissa


Meeting called to order by Vice Chair, Mary Hofle.


1.                  Preliminaries


1.                  Announcements: None

2.                  Approval of February 17, 2004, Minutes:   Correction by Wissa on Item VI.A., line 2, should read: ACivil Engineering Technology ...@


Motion by Buffaloe to approve minutes with correction; seconded by Wissa; discussion; motion carried.


II.       Master Plan Report by Scott Campbell


1.                  Presentation on West Central area of campus. 

$                   Includes ideas such as various plazas, quad enhancement, memorial garden, electronic kiosk on Fifth Street, gateway at Humbolt & Fifth, amphitheater at Student Union, parking areas, and various changes at the Student Union.

2.                  Presentation on Southwest area of campus.

$                   Discussion of parking garage. 

$                   Discussion on wind power, solar panels, and other ideas on energy conservation.

3.                  Presentation on Central area of campus.

$                   Includes ideas such as malls, walkways, pedestrian corridors and intersections, closing of MLK and use of Red Hill Road.

$                   Discussion on roadways around Performing Arts Center and possible overpass on interstate.  Campbell noted that Steve Chatterton, Director of Public Safety, is concerned about security of the campus with too many entrances/exits and roadways.   Council asked to have Chatterton attend the next meeting to discuss the issue.


III.      Committee Reports


A.        No reports.


IV.     Sub-Committee Review of Architectural Guidelines for Research Park


1.                  Scott Campbell and Darin Dehle have been working on other critical projects and not been able to work on this issue.  The sub-committee had determined to only add an addendum to the guidelines, not change the actual guidelines.  Dehle will be writing the addendum.   It was agreed to remove the item from the agenda.



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V.      Old Business


A.        GIS Map for Campus

Maher Wissa reported they are continuing work on locating trees for the GIS map.  A purchase order was issued for GIS Connect that will enable them to create Arc GIS data from within AutoCad.  


2.                  Outside Bulletin Boards

Campbell reported he asked the Program Board to come to the Council meeting to present the art concepts.  Vik commented if the architectural student has dropped the project and the Program Board is requesting a new concept, they need to re-present the concept for approval.  Student representative Mike Klein stated the ASISU student government has a meeting on Monday evening and will be reviewing about five projects for funding, which this project is probably included.


VI.      New Business


1.                  Naming of Frisbee Disc Golf Course: Ken Prolo stated the persons requesting the naming need to send him a letter of request with reasons for the name.   The request needs to come from a student club or an official group and have the approval of Dr. Covey, Dean of Student Affairs.  Campbell commented he would let them know. 


B.       New Sign on MLK: Darrell Buffaloe noted a new sign has been installed on MLK by Memorial Drive, and asked the Council members their opinion of it.  He commented we are considering using that same type of signage around the campus.


C.       Purchase of Parking Lot: Ken Prolo stated the university is considering purchasing the parking lot across from the old Armory Building.  He commented the owners are anxious to sell to ISU, and that ISU students have used the parking lot for years.


VII.      Next meeting:   Tuesday, April 20, 2004    4:00 p.m.    Physical Plant (Bldg #18)


ADJOURNMENT at 5:10 p.m.




________________________________                   ________________________________

         Mary Hofle, Vice Chair                                                 Anna Weskerna, Secretary










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