February 17, 2004     4:00 p.m.                                                            Physical Plant Conference Room


Council Members

Present:            Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Mary Hofle, Josh Pak, Roger Rankin, Fred Risinger, Sharon Sieber, Dennis Toney, Peter Vik, Maher Wissa


Meeting called to order by Chair, Sharon Sieber.


1.                  Preliminaries

1.                  Announcements:   Tours of the Performing Arts Center were given last Thursday and Friday.   Contact Darin Dehle for tours of the Center.

2.                  Approval of January 20, 2004, Minutes:


Motion by Wissa to approve minutes; seconded by Vik; discussion; motion carried.


II.       Master Plan Report by Scott Campbell

1.                  No regular presentation was given due to critical landscaping project Campbell is working on for the Performing Arts Center.

2.                  Buffaloe discussed the current article printed in the newspaper, whereas the State Legislature states there is no money for maintenance of the Performing Arts Center, which they had promised to fund.  This is a critical concern.  Buffaloe commented if the maintenance is not funded we will not be able to open the building.  The Rendezvous Building is in the same situation. 

3.                  Campbell provided a presentation on the Performing Arts Center landscaping project.  Trying to keep water conservation in mind.  Adding more materials and pavers, rather than too much concrete, with some native plants and ornamentals.  Discussion on various types of plants.  Buffaloe commented there is a possibility of using waste water from AMI for watering the area.  Campbell noted he is open for suggestions on the landscaping project.


III.      Committee Reports

A.        No reports.  Josh Pak asked about status of energy project.  Buffaloe noted we are to receive monies in July.


IV.     Sub-Committee Review of Architectural Guidelines for Research Park

1.                  Maher Wissa stated he talked with Phil Blick about the use of a flow chart.  He is waiting for the subcommittee to meet to review the chart.  Darin Dehle is working on the addendum.


V.      Old Business

A.        GIS Map for Campus

Maher Wissa reported they are working on the trees portion of the project. 



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2.                  Outside Bulletin Boards

Campbell reported he has not received any new designs from the Program Board or the architectural student for the bulletin boards.  Sieber commented the Program Board is still planning to pursue the project. 


VI..      New Business


A.        Campbell discussed the current Rendezvous and Performing Arts projects.  Should see a lot more work taking place this spring.  Wissa suggested using the Civil Engineering Technology students on the projects.   Campbell noted the city has proposed Sam Nixon Boulevard or Avenue as the south route from the Performing Arts Center, which the students could probably assist with as well as the interchange to the interstate proposal.   He commented the main concern for the proposals is funding.  Discussion on various aspects of the projects, including bike paths.


2.                  Vik asked about the status of the Master Plan whereas the departments were submitting statements and information.  Campbell stated Darin Dehle is currently working on that part of the Plan and adding pictures.  The Plan is progressing and should be ready for review by the Council this May.  The intent is to have the Master Plan reviewed by the Council, the Administration, and others by fall.


VII.      Next meeting:   Tuesday, March 23, 2004    4:00 p.m.    Physical Plant (Bldg #18)


ADJOURNMENT at 4:45 p.m.




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            Sharon Sieber, Chair                                                  Anna Weskerna, Secretary




















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