January 21, 2003     3:30 p.m.    Physical Plant Conference Room


Council Members

Present:            Darla Bell, Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Steve Chatterton, Darin Dehle, Tony Martin, Ernie Naftzger, Roger Rankin, Fred Risinger, Joseph Steiner, Dennis Toney, Peter Vik, Maher Wissa


Meeting called to order by Scott Campbell (Chair, Peter Vik to arrive later).


I.          Preliminaries:

A.        Announcements:   None

B.         Minutes of December 17, 2002:   Motion by Maher Wissa to approve; seconded by Darrell Buffaloe; motion carried.


II.      Committee Reports

A.        (Distribution of meeting agenda by Scott Campbell.)  Campbell commented he is trying to make the meeting agenda effective and in advance.    His plan is to use this monthly meeting for sub-committee reports, and then will try to get the information out to the sub-committees.   He asked the members to let him know if they have any problem with the process.   He reviewed the format of the agenda and asked if anyone had any additions.

B.         Campbell is working on cover sheets with mission statements of sub-committees with the committee goals and reports.                        

C.         Progress report:  No action items for today’s meeting.  Campbell noted his plan is to send out by email all the sub-committee information to the Council members so the Council will have the information in advance, and then the Council can act on any motions at the monthly meetings.   If the email plan doesn’t work will go back to issuing paper reports.

D.        Facilities Development:   Report by Darin Dehle.  (Dehle distributed minutes of the sub-committee meeting of 1/14/03.)   No action items for Council today.  He commented he has received 25% of the college / department information, but will have about 90% once the deans forward the information.  He has about 5% of text prepared, 1% of the drawings and 100% of document format complete.  (He provided a sample of how the two-page per department layout will look.)   It will take some effort due to the various computer programs, but he will place the  information on the ISU web site and try to keep it updated.  Campbell commented about August 2003 when the plan is complete, will then need to start implementation which will require the help of the Council and state funding.

E.         Facilities Access: Report by Darin Dehle.  Nothing to report as no one showed at the sub-committee meeting.  Introduction of new ADA Director, Dennis Toney.  Toney commented he will be working with Darin Dehle to review access to each building on campus and they will prepare a facility access map.  He and Dehle will be updating the ADA report prepared by Kent Parrish in 1992.

F.         Facilities Naming: Buffaloe commented this sub-committee is chaired by Ken Prolo and is a part of the Planning Council’s role.  The Council makes their proposals to Ken Prolo.  There are currently two naming issues for the Council to review and make recommendations on:

1. College of Business Building: The dean of Arts & Sciences requests the building be named after some one or some thing.

2. ADA Resource Center: It has been requested the center be renamed with a suggestion of “Kent Parrish Disability Resource Center” acknowledging Parrish’s work on ADA issues.

Tony Martin commented the Council needs to know the naming requirements before making recommendations.   The item was tabled until the next meeting since Ken Prolo nor Sharon Seiber could not attend this meeting.


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G.         Space Utilization: Report by Darin Dehle.  He has had no success in getting the sub-committee together.  Campbell stated the Accreditation Board requires documentation on how campus space is used so this is a very important committee.  Buffaloe suggested to include Jennifer Fisher, Dr. Alan Egger or Dr. Jonathan Lawson on the committee.

H.        Energy and Water Management: Darrell Buffaloe discussed the current energy grant that ISU has received for developing an energy program.   He has been working with the school districts and also needs to get the word out to the campus, which the sub-committee is planning to help address.    Buffaloe discussed the $5.6 million Performance Contracting program which will allow the University to upgrade units in several of the campus buildings.  The loan will be payed back through energy savings.

I.          Emergency Preparedness: Report by Steve Chatterton, Public Safety Director.  Chatterton stated he and Rody Cummings, Safety and Loss Control Specialist, have reviewed and updated the ISU Emergency Response Manual.  He will continue to include updates as needed.  Buffaloe discussed how the preparing of the manual began with help from information from the Northridge, CA earthquake.    Peter Vik commented that Doug Nilson has some safety issues he would like to incorporate into the manual.  He will have Nilson give Chatterton a call.


III.      Issues from the Council


A.        Sub-committee reorganization: Campbell commented the Facilities Development sub-committee has completed its usefulness, but the members can take part in other areas.  There are three areas that need sub-committees and he encouraged members to participate:

1. Campus beautification program

2. Construction for projects such as the Performing Arts Center, Accelerator addition, Rendezvous Building, Health Professions Clinic, and Diesel-tech Center.

3. Circulation/Parking on campus and shuttle system

B.         Darin Dehle discussed current and future projects.  He noted the  Performing Arts Center is on schedule with a completion date of April 2004; Accelerator Center is adding additional space which should double their output.  Dehle discussed revival of the Rendezvous Building project though bonding as per a request by Governor Kempthorne to the legislature, as it would be cheaper to proceed with the project now.


IV.      Next meeting:    February 20, 2003    2:00 p.m.   SUB - Bear River Room


Need to make sure someone from each sub-committee attends the regular Planning Council meetings.  Persons on the Council that cannot attend the regular meetings need to be on some sub-committee.   Proposed meeting dates: February 20, March 20 and April 17 at 2:00 p.m. with locations announced prior to meetings.



ADJOURNMENT at 4:40 p.m.





________________________________                        __________________________

            Peter Vik, Chair                                                    Anna Weskerna, Secretary





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