April 16, 2002     4:00 p.m. Physical Plant Building


Council Members


Present:            Darla Bell, Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Darin Dehle,  Ernie Naftzger, Doug Nilson, Peter Vik


Absent:            Traci Bliss, Scott Chappell, Tony Martin, Ken Prolo, Sharon Sieber


Meeting called to order at 4:14 p.m. by Chair, Peter Vik.


I.          Preliminaries


A.        Announcements:  None.


B.        Approval of April 2, 2002, Minutes:


ACTION:  Motion by Naftzger to approve minutes.  Seconded by Doug Nilson.  Discussion.  Motion passed unanimously.  


II.      Master Plan Report by Scott Campbell


A.                    Scott Campbell presented master plan for ISU/UI University Place.  Discussion.


III.      Old Business


IV.      New Business


A.        Discussion on how to replace members of the Council.  No action taken.


VI.      Next meeting:    Tuesday,   April 30, 2002     4:00 p.m.    Physical Plant


ADJOURNMENT at 5:00 p.m.




________________________________                        __________________________

            Peter Vik, Chair                                                    Anna Weskerna, Secretary




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