May 1, 2001 Physical Plant Office

4:00 p.m. Building #18

Council Members

Present: Darla Bell, Traci Bliss (Chair), Darrell Buffaloe, Scott Campbell, Kim Carter-Cram,

Tony Martin, Ernie Naftzger, Ken Prolo, and Anna Weskerna

Absent: Priscilla Reis, Rob Spencer

Meeting called to order by Chair, Traci Bliss.


MOTION by Tony Martin to approve minutes of April 17, 2001. Second by Darrell Buffaloe. Motion carried.

MOTION by Kim Carter-Cram to approve minutes of March 27, 2001. Second by Tony Martin. Motion carried.


Traci Bliss stated she talked with Randy Earles, Chair of Faculty Senate, regarding the Planning Council's concern as a policy-making group. She commented the Faculty Senate ad hoc committee's report was approved by the Senate, and that the Faculty Senate wants the Planning Council to remain as a policy-making committee. She also reported that Sherri Dientsfrey resigned from the Council last week, which impacts the selection of a chair for the Council as the chair must be a faculty member from the Council.

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Bliss stated she is resigning as the Council Chair as of today and recommends the Faculty Senate ask someone to chair the Council who has been a past member so they would have some background. With the recommendations by the Senate ad hoc committee, there will be more faculty members on the Council and probably more faculty would be willing to serve if this is a policy-making group.

Darrell Buffaloe recommended that Dr. Jennifer Attebery be asked to serve as chair as she has served on the Council before.

Tony Martin stated he still believes this cannot be a policy-making group and he will resign if it is forced to be. He would rather the members serve by discussing issues and providing ideas and recommendations, but not policies. Kim Carter-Cram also agreed it would be difficult for the Council to be a policy-making group. Discussion on what the term "policy" means. Darrell Buffaloe commented policy is different than rules. It is a guideline for management to make decisions. Ernie Naftzger commented the Faculty Senate wants the Council to make decisions on classroom and space use and we are not doing that.

The ad hoc committee's report was noted to be only "recommendations." Therefore, the Council is not sure if what was included in the report must be implemented.

MOTION by Tony Martin to (1) recommend the new chair have had prior experience with the Council and (2) have the Faculty Senate clarify the ad hoc committee's report as to the policy-making responsibilities of the Council. Second by Kim Carter-Cram. Motion carried unanimously.

Traci Bliss recommended that Darrell Buffaloe and Scott Campbell have items to present to the Council at the first meeting in the fall.

Adjourned 4:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted: Approved by:

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