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·         GRADUATE FASTER: Study Abroad fast-tracks your progress in your program.  Student Exchanges or study abroad do not slow you down. They accelerate your progress and are one of the most effective ways of making substantial progress in a short time. One of the easiest ways to get started on your study abroad plan is to go to the  ISU Study Abroad page.

o   BENEFITS OF IMMERSION: Whether you go for a month, 6 months, or a semester, you jump-start your intermediate skills or taking your advanced skills even higher than you could do in a traditional classroom because an exchange is an immersion experience – all native, authentic Spanish, all day, every day.    

·         BUILD YOUR RÉSUMÉ:   If you seek employment that requires cultural competency, language skills, travel, and adaptability, a future employer will want to see a study abroad experience on your résumé.

·         SPAN 3305: Don’t forget to talk to your Spanish advisor about SPAN 3305 Study Abroad (3-6 credits). Depending upon the length of your stay, you can earn 3 -6 credits of upper division elective that will apply to your major. If you take university level courses while abroad, you can also fulfill both required and elective course work while on exchange. A semester- length  exchange at a university or approved language school usually gives students 12+ upper division credits + SPAN 3305 credits if the student successfully completes the courses at the host institution.

o   You must speak to a Spanish advisor and have your exchange class schedule and the equivalency of your study abroad credits approved BEFORE you leave. 

o   You do not have to go for an entire semester. There are many variable length summer programs, many of which specialize in Medical Spanish or Spanish for Professions. Speak to an advisor about the possibilities.

PLAN AHEAD: Start planning a semester before you want to leave.




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