Our major is designed to provide thorough training in three core areas of instruction: Language, Culture, and the Health Professions. Equal emphasis in each of these areas will provide students with comprehensive, in-depth education that will prepare them for a variety of careers in healthcare and other growing areas of need in the job market. The Department of Languages and Literatures provides the linguistic core and elements of the culture core which are delivered by qualified faculty, including several state-qualified medical Spanish interpreters and a state-qualified court interpreter. The curriculum is monitored by faculty with extensive training in the alignment of proficiencyu standards established by the ACTFL (American Council  of Teachers of Foreign Languages) with our department's curiculum. 


A. Spanish Language Core.  33 credits

HCA/HE 2210 - Medical Terminology and Communication (2 cr)
SPAN *2210 - Spanish for Health Care I (3 cr)
SPAN *2211 - Spanish for Health Care II (3 cr)
SPAN **3000 - Intensive Conversation (3 cr)
SPAN 4400 - Advanced Grammar (3 cr)
SPAN 4460 - Medical Interpretation and Translation I & II (8 cr)

*Majors in Spanish for the Health Professions may earn credit and a grade for SPAN 2210 and/ or 2211 by taking the credit by Challenge Examination. Please contact Languages & Literatures for more details.
**Majors in SHP may earn credit for SPAN 3300 by taking the ACTFL OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) and earning a minimum score of Intermediate High. All majors must take the OPI to graduate with a major in SHP. Please contact Languages & Literatures for more details.

Complete 8 credits from the following (CLEP ACCEPTED)

SPAN 2201-2202 - Intermediate Spanish I and II (8 cr)  


SPAN 2265 - Accelerated Intermediate Spanish (8 cr)

Choose one (1) course from the following:

SPAN 3301 - Composition & Conversation I (3 cr)
SPAN 3302 - Composition & Conversation II (3 cr)

B. Health Professions Core.  9 credits minimum; 3 credits must be upper division

HCA 1110 - Intro to Allied Health Professions (2 cr)
HCA 1115 - US Health System (3 cr)
HC 1120 - Health and Society (2 cr)
PHIL 2230 - Medical Ethics (3 cr)
COUN 3300 - Interpersonal Skills in Health Professions (2 cr)
HCA 3350 - Organizational Behavior in Health Care (3 cr)
HCA 4450 - Special Topics in Healthcare (1-3 cr)
HCA 4475 - Health Law and Bioethics (3 cr)
PAS 4489 - Ind. Problems in Physician Assistant Studies (1-3 cr)
Approved Health Science Course (1-3 cr)

C. Culture Core.  9 credits minimum; 3 credits must be upper division

ANTH 2239 - Latino Peoples and Cultures (3 cr)
ANTH 4407 - Anthropology of Global Health (3 cr)
ANTH 4430 - Human Origen and Diversity (3 cr)
CMLT 2208 - Cultures of Spanish-Speaking World (3 cr)
COUN 2200 - Multicultural Development (1 cr)
COUN 3300 - Interpersonal Skills in Health Professions (2 cr)
HIST 2251 - Latin America (3 cr)
HIST 4479 - Disease and U.S. Public Health (3 cr)
SOC 2248 - Social Diversity (3 cr)
SPAN 3305 - Study Abroad (1-3 cr)
SPAN 3341 - Survey of Spanish Literature and Civilization (3 cr)
SPAN 3342 - Survey of Lat. Am Literature and Civilization (3 cr)
SPAN 3381 - Hispanic Current Affairs (3 cr)
SPAN 4493 - Spanish Internship (1-3 cr)
SPAN 4498P - Professional Development Workshop (1-3 cr)
SPAN 4495 - Topics in Language and Culture for the Professions I and II (1-3 cr)   
SPAN 4494 - Medical Terminology I (1-3 cr)
SPAN 4499 - PA Spanish (1-3 cr)

D.  General Education Requirements.  38 credits

General Education Objective 9: Cultural Diversity may be fulfilled with an appropriate course from section C, the Culture Core. Spanish partially fulfills General Education Objective 4: Humanities, Fine Arts and Foreign Languages. may be fulfilled with an appropriate course from secion C, the Culture Core. Spanish partially fulfills the Fine Arts/Humanities Objective.

E.  Health Sciences and Electives.  31 credits

After completing the core area credits and the General Education Requirements, the remaining 31 credits (at least 13 upper division) may be fulfilled by completion of major requirements in one of the following programs: Addiction and Dependency, Anthropology, Biology, Biochemistry, Counseling, CSED, Deaf Education, Dental Hygiene, Dietetics, Health Care Administration, Health Care Information Systems Management, Health Education, Health Physics, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Education, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Psychology,  Radiographic Science, Sign Language Studies, Sociology, Spanish, or another approved, related program of study.

F.  Qualification

Majors must take the ACTFL OPI (American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages Oral Proficiency Interview) and report the score to the Department of Languages & Literatures. Please contact Languages & Literatures or Matt Harris ( at ISU Counseling & Testing for details.  We encourage  SHP students to take the Spanish Medical Interpreter/Translator workshop Qualification Course if they are interested in working in Idaho as medical interpreter translators

Spanish for Health Professions Degree Plan


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