German is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and more Europeans speak German natively than English, French, Italian or Spanish. 24% of the residents in the European Union speak German as their mother tongue, and 31% of European Union citizens say they can converse in German. A reading knowledge of German is a great advantage in many fields, such as international law, philosophy, psychology, and technology, as well as chemistry, physics, biology, engineering and design. Whether you've already begun to learn German, or are just starting out, our program will connect you to the German-speaking countries and their culture.

Degree Requirements for Bachelor of Arts in German

Language Component:

GERM 2201                   Intermediate German I                                                             4 cr
GERM 2202                   Intermediate German II                                                           4 cr
GERM 3301                   German Conversation and Composition I                           3 cr
GERM 3302                   German Conversation and Composition  II                         3 cr
GERM 3341                   Survey of Literature and Civilization I                                 3 cr
GERM 3342                   Survey of Literature and Civilization II                               3 cr

Choose Option 1 or Option 2 below                                                              18 or 22 cr

Option 1:  18 Additional Credits

Select at least 12 credits from elective upper-division courses in German, CMLT, LANG, or in related fields in the College of Arts and Letters, or 3-12 credits of upper-level study abroad (dependent on length of stay and level of course work) using the 3305 course in German. 
Students may select 6 of these 18 credits from courses in lists A and B, below: 

A -- Recommended for students without immersion experiences or who enter language study below the 3000 level

GERM 2200                   Intermediate Enrichment*                                                      3-4 cr
GERM 3300                   Intensive Conversation                                                            3 cr
CMLT 2207                   Contemporary European Culture                                           3 cr
CMLT 2208                   Cultures of the Spanish-Speaking World                              3 cr

*This is a variable-credit course repeated to obtain the required number of credits.

B -- Recommended for students with immersion experiences or who enter language study at the 3000 level

ANTH 2250                   Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology  3 cr
CMLT 2207                   Contemporary European Culture                                           3 cr
CMLT 2208                   Cultures of the Spanish-Speaking World                              3 cr
HIST 2249                     World Regional Geography                                                     3 cr
LANG 1107                    Nature of Language                                                                   3 cr
POLS 2221                     Introduction to International Relations                               3 cr

Option 2:  Second Language: 22 Additional Credits

Second language: French, Japanese, or Spanish. Students take the following courses in their chosen second language: 

1101 and 1102             Elementary I and II                                                                   8 cr
2201 and 2202             Intermediate I and II                                                                 8 cr
Two upper-division courses in the chosen language                                                6 cr

Minor in German

GERM 1101, 1102              Elementary German I and II                                         8 cr
GERM 2200                        Intermediate Enrichment*                                             2 cr
GERM 2201, 2202              Intermediate German I and II                                       8 cr
GERM 3301 or 3302          German Conversation and Composition I or II            3 cr
One elective upper-division course in German                                                         3 cr

Choose ONE of the following (3 cr):

CMLT 2207                         Contemporary European Culture                                3 cr
CMLT 2208                         Cultures of the Spanish-Speaking World                    3 cr
CMLT 2209                         Cultures of Asia                                                              3 cr

*This is a variable-credit course that may be repeated to obtain at least 2 credits.



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