French, the "language of love", is the official language of over 25 countries in the world and is a major second language in nearly two dozen more countries. Moreover, French is spoken by over 150 million people on all continents of the world, including in the homes of over 2 million Americans! The top tourist destination in the world with over 75 million visitors annually, France is home to more Nobel-prize winners for literature than any other country in the world and has the fourth largest economy in the world after the U.S., Japan and Germany. In addition, the United States exports more goods to French speaking countries, than to countries with any other national language.

While learning about the history, culture, language and "francophone world", students of French also learn about their own language and its structure: though a Germanic language in origin, English derives between 30% and 40% of its vocabulary from the French language. Learning French at ISU will increase job opportunities in dozens of fields including education, business, travel and tourism, and the medical professions. French at ISU... oui! do it all!

Degree Requirements for Bachelor of Arts in French

Language Component:

FREN 2201                    Intermediate French I                                                              4 cr
FREN 2202                    Intermediate French II                                                             4 cr
FREN 3301                    French Conversation and Composition I                             3 cr
FREN 3302                    French Conversation and Composition II                            3 cr
FREN 3341                    Survey of French Literature and Civilization I                   3 cr
FREN 3342                    Survey of French Literature and Civilization II                  3 cr

Choose Option 1 or Option 2 below                                                              18 or 22 cr

Option 1:  18 Additional Credits

Select at least 12 credits from elective upper-division courses in French, CMLT, LANG, or in related fields in the College of Arts and Letters, or 3-12 credits of upper-level study abroad (dependent on length of stay and level of course work) using the 3305 course in French.  Students may select 6 of these 18 credits from courses in lists A and B, below: 

A -- Recommended for students without immersion experiences or who enter language study below the 3000 level

FREN 2200                    Intermediate Enrichment*                                                      3-4 cr
FREN 3300                    Intensive Conversation                                                           3 cr
CMLT 2207                   Contemporary European Culture                                          3 cr
CMLT 2208                   Cultures of the Spanish-Speaking World                             3 cr

*This is a variable-credit course repeated to obtain the required number of credits.

B -- Recommended for students with immersion experiences or who enter language study at the 3000 level

ANTH 2250                   Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology                      3 cr
CMLT 2207                   Contemporary European Culture                                           3 cr
CMLT 2208                   Cultures of the Spanish-Speaking World                              3 cr
HIST 2249                     World Regional Geography                                                    3 cr
LANG 1107                    Nature of Language                                                                  3 cr
POLS 2221                     Introduction to International Relations                               3 cr

Option 2:  Second Language: 22 Additional Credits

Second language: German, Japanese, or Spanish. Students take the following courses in their chosen second language: 

1101 and 1102    Elementary I and II                                                                            8 cr
2201 and 2202    Intermediate I and II                                                                          8 cr
Two upper-division courses in the chosen language                                                6 cr


Minor in French

FREN 1101, 1102              Elementary French I and II                                           8 cr
FREN 2200                         Intermediate Enrichment*                                            2 cr
FREN 2201, 2202              Intermediate French I and II                                        8 cr
FREN 3301 or 3302          French Conversation and Composition I or II             3 cr
One elective upper-division course in French                                                         3 cr

Choose ONE of the following (3 cr):

CMLT 2207                         Contemporary European Culture                                 3 cr
CMLT 2208                         Cultures of the Spanish-Speaking World                     3 cr
CMLT 2209                         Cultures of Asia                                                               3 cr

*This is a variable-credit course that may be repeated to obtain at least 2 credits.


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