Financial Aid

Alternative Lender List

Below is a list of lenders that offer loans to students to help supplement college costs not covered by federal financial aid. Idaho State University does not have any Preferred Lender arrangements with any private loan originators. You are strongly encouraged to apply for federal student aid with the FAFSA form before applying for these additional private loans.

Caution: Ask for a Disclosure Statement from the lender you choose for the loan you are interested in.

Charter One

Loan Disclosure - Charter One TruFit Student Loan Variable and Fixed Rate Disclosures

Discover Student Loans

Loan Disclosure -


Loan Disclosures for Undergraduates
...cuScholar: https://apply.custudentloans. org/cuscholar_sample_h21.pdf
Loan Disclosures for Consolidations
...cuGrad - Consolidation:

Mountain America Credit Union

Loan Application and

Sallie Mae - (Navient)

Smart Option Student Loan
Loan Disclosure.. Application and Solicitation Disclosure

Union Federal Private Student Loan

Loan Disclosure...

Wells Fargo Bank

Collegiate Loan
Loan Disclosure..

Caution.. If you are interested in different loans, you should always request your lender to provide you with a disclosure statement for the loan you are considering.

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