Sustainability at Idaho State University


Organizing for ISU’s recycling program began in September 1989 with a group of volunteers hoping to start recycling at the eight buildings on campus surrounding the Hutchinson Quadrangle. It kicked off in February 1990  and by May of that year recycling pickup was taking place at 32 buildings on campus.

The recycling program is now carried out by ISU Recycling and S.A.V.E.(Student Action Volunteers for the Environment), which is under the ISU Students’ Community Service Center. The group’s advisor is Linda Burk, who said that the ISU now recycles about 12,000 pounds of materials weekly. ISU recycles steel cans, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, newsprint, magazines, mixed paper, white paper, corrugated cardboard and phone books.

Joint Venture with Belmont Management

A unique aspect of the ISU recycling program is that it is a joint venture with Belmont Management, a Pocatello group that provides care to persons with developmental disabilities in facility and residential settings. Belmont residents with developmental disabilities, their supervisors and ISU student volunteers make about 65 pickup stops daily Monday through Friday at 50 different buildings on the ISU Pocatello campus. The residents of Belmont receive all revenues collected for the recyclable materials, about $12,000 to $15,000 annually, providing them with a revenue source.

Program Results



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