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Book List
Description ISBN Approximate Price
Electrical Motor Controls for Integrated Systems
4th Edition
By: Gary Rockis, Glen A. Mazur
978-0-8269-1217-6 *
Instrumentation, 4th Edition
By: Franklin W. Kirk, Thomas A. Weedon, Philip Kirk
978-0-8269-3423-9 *
Ugly's Electrical Reference 978-0-7637-7126-3 *
Ugly's Electrical Safety and NFPA 70E 978-0-7637-6855-3 *
Purdy's Instrument Handbook
By: Ralph Dewey
1-880215-26-8 *
Purdy's Instrument Handbook #2
By: Ralph Dewey
1-880215-34-9 *
Pocket Reference Handbook
3rd Ed.
By Thomas J. Glover
978-1-885071-33-0 *
Book Total *
Tool List
Tool Approximate Price
Medium Toolbox with Lock *
Digital Multimeter w/ Extra Fuses *
Phillips and Flathead Screwdrivers Size 00, 0, #1, #2, #3 *
Combination Wrench Set (1/4  - 3/4 in.) *
Socket Set (3/8 in drive) *
Wire Strippers (size 10-12) *
Crimpers (size 10-12) *
Medium or Large Diagonal (Side) Wire Cutters *
Medium or Large Linemans (Side Cutting) Pliers *
Medium or Large Channel Locks (Groved or Pump) Pliers *
Medium or Large Needle Nose Pliers *
Snug Fitting Leather Gloves *
Cotton (Flame Retardent) Coveralls *
Approximate Total *

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Note: Licensure, certification, and/or employment applications related to some degree programs require students to disclose any history of criminal prosecution which may include the student's driving record. Students who have a criminal history are strongly encouraged to contact the licensing agency or meet with the coordinator of the program they are interested in, prior to beginning classes, to discuss potential impediments to licensure, certification or employment.


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