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Energy Systems Electrical Engineering Technology

About the Occupation

EET job duties include: designing, building, installing and troubleshooting motor controls, writing programs and developing applications for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's), installing and repairing electrical distribution circuits; maintaining operating efficiency of distribution panels, switches, switchboards, controllers, voltage regulators, current and voltage transformers; maintaining operating efficiency of electric motors; repairing electrical equipment; installing and maintaining storage batteries and uninterruptible power supplies; inspecting, maintaining, testing, and repairing electric power equipment; interpreting electrical sketches, diagrams, and blueprints and; connecting electric power machinery and electric power equipment.

Program Description

Energy Systems Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) prepares students to pursue a career in the installation, operation, adjustment, routine maintenance, inspection, test and repair of power generation equipment. Graduates work in all fields of electrical generation with companies who design, build, operate, and maintain electrical generation systems. These generators use fossil and nuclear fuels, hydropower, wind, or other forms of energy to produce electrical power, Electrical Engineering technicians work with generators, large electrical motors, protective relaying and other high voltage/high current electrical equipment and the interconnection wiring and control circuits and PLC's.

Program Overview

  • Program accepts students in August and January
  • Typical classroom hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Program admits 10 students in a cohort
  • Physical demands for this program may include lifting, standing, bending, and close vision

Degree Options

  • Energy Systems Technology Technical Certificate (1 year)
  • Energy Systems Electrical Engineering Technology Associate of Applied Science (2 years)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (4+ years)

Career Opportunities

  • Power generation plants that use coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, concentrated solar, and wind
  • Levels of of employment include: technician, journeyman, group leader, group supervisor
  • Electric load dispatch centers and substations

Cost of Attendance

Fees apply to the current Idaho State University fee schedule which includes mandatory student health insurance. Students with existing health insurance coverage may waive student health insurance. Waivers are available at

Paying for College

You may apply for financial aid, scholarships, grants, and loans to help finance your college education. When you pay registration fees, you are a student of Idaho State University with the privileges and responsibilities of a college student.

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